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Just Some Sound — Suadela (2021) - (Alternative Metal / Prog Rock)

Just Some Sound - "Suadela" (Alternative Metal / Prog Rock)

Released May 14, 2021

Suadela was released on 14.5.21 this 6 min Alternative Rock/Metal track tells the story of temptation and how everyone of us has to deal with it. Besides this beautiful artwork, there is a professional and stunning music video. If you're into bands like TOOL/APC/SOAD or Deftones you will enjoy this track for sure!

Stefan Jenniches or better known as Just Some Sound is a Singer-Songwriter and producer based in Marburg (Germany). But Just Some Sound is not only Stefan it's also other guest musicians who enjoy the creative journey! In 2019 he released his first EP "Broke Another String". Stefan started terrorizing his neighborhood with his music at the age of 14. His music is a fusion of Alternative/Metal/Rock and Pop which he fuses into an emotional, dark and raw tone. When he isn’t glued to his guitar or computer he enjoys time with his girlfriend, traveling on his bike through Europe, listens to audiobooks that vary from horror to spirituality and tries not to be the worst pool player in town. He played in Clubs, Bars, Pubs and on Street events. Other than that he wrote and co-wrote over 200 songs.

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