Justin ‡ Symbol Twists Heavy Industrial Metal with Trap and Electro

Multi-genre artist Justin ‡ Symbol has released the official music video for "Trash Fire (ft. VoKillz & Angel Nightmare)". Directed & Shot by Ricky Rubinson, "Trash Fire" is off of the artist's new album, Candy Man.

"On this album, I threw the rule book aside of what people think I am supposed to be. I took trap, metal, goth/industrial, witch house, and techno and threw it in a blender. All of my influences are present, and I am creating the album I would most want to hear. 'Candy Man' is the soundtrack to my version of the Apocalypse: it's colorful, it's sexual, it's psychedelic, it's dark and it's fun at the same time. Why should the end of the world be boring?"

Track Listing 1. End Times 2. The Prophets of Nothing 3. Trash Fire ft. VoKillz & Angel Nightmare 4. Lust 5. Mothra ft. DJ Swamp 6. Gummy Worm ft. DJ Swamp 7. Candy Man 8. Asexual 9. A New Hell 10. The Devil You Know 11. Weeble Wobble 12. Bad Bitch ft. Sonique, Trash Can Cut 13. Rising Star ft. DJ Swamp, Sidney Black

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