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Kasim Sulton’s musical resume is one of the most impressive in rock – having recorded and performed alongside Todd Rundgren, Utopia, Meat Loaf, Hall & Oates, Joan Jett, and Blue Oyster Cult, among countless others. And now, he is set to perform a solo outdoor concert as part of the “Tupelo Drive-In Experience.” The show will take place on Saturday, May 23rd at the Tupelo Drive-In Music Hall in Derry, NH, and two shows will take place – the first at noon and the second at 3:00pm (tickets will be priced at $75 per carload). Tupelo is one of the first traditional concert venues to convert to a drive-in format. This is NOT a drive-in movie theater, but rather a regular venue that built an outdoor stage, installed a Meyer Sound System, purchased a golf cart to deliver food that attendees can order ahead via their phones, arranged for the shows to be broadcast on 95.1 FM, and set up a three-camera shoot – which will result in the show being streamed live on the venue’s website. Ticket info can be found here: FAQ:

YouTube Promo: “I am extremely proud to be performing again as part of the Tupelo Music’s Hall drive in concert series,” says Kasim. “One of the first of its kind in the country. It is a fact that music heals, and my hope is that a return to live music can help to heal lives.” Normally a traditional indoor music venue that seats 700 (the Tupelo Music Hall), owner Scott Hayward explains, “The State of NH has new guidelines to allow Drive-In Theatres to operate beginning May 11 (with restrictions). These guidelines are a smart way to get people out of their houses while maintaining distance between folks… If we can have a drive in theatre, there’s no reason we can’t have a drive in experience with concerts and movies.” Concert goers who attend these outdoor performances will purchase one ticket per car, which they will show to an employee through their car window upon entrance. Cars will park in every-other parking spot to maintain a safe distance from each other. Once situated, patrons can choose to listen to the show via the Derry FM radio station or sit outside in a lawn chair in the empty parking spot on the driver's side of their vehicle. Artists will perform on a stage under the covered entrance to the music hall using what the venue calls a “modest sound system,” so folks who are outside can hear the performance. In the case of rain, shows will be rescheduled. “Shows will be very limited because we will have to leave so many spaces open.” Hayward’s statement continues. “I think we will be able to accommodate about 75 cars per show but, once we get going, we can do multiple shows in a day.” And now thanks to Kasim Sulton and the Tupelo Drive-In Experience, fans will be able to experience live music once more! FOR MORE INFORMATION, VISIT:

Opening Day at Tupelo Music Hall’s "Drive-In Experience"

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