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Kill Frenzy - Controlled (Thrash Metal)

Kill Frenzy - Controlled (Thrash Metal)

Kill Frenzy comprises of 4 friends from different musical backgrounds, coming together to form this raw, energized, fast-paced thrash metal band. The name is inspired by the original Grand Theft Auto video games and although the members are down to earth,  the music screams anger, violence and hatred. Reminding you of old school metal, that just doesn’t seem to be around anymore. As one fan put it “There’s no bullshit, it’s just full-on balls to the wall metal”.

The band hails from the gutters of the Mother City, Cape Town, South Africa. Bursting onto the circuit in March of 2017 with a bombardment of relentless gigging, loudly making themselves known on the local scene. Not only hitting the local venues with city-wide touring, the band featured at Metal 4 Africa’s WinterFest in July of 2018. In September 2018, the band went on tour, headlining 2 nights at Botswana’s annual Rock the Nation festival alongside Overthrust and Deadline. Stopping over in Johannesburg along the way to play a show there as well.

The band has been very proactive in contributing to building not only the local scene but also building bridges and making friends with bands across the border. Most of the shows played are organised by Frenzy themselves and they have hosted 4 bands from over the border, from Botswana and Mozambique. They have also played their part in organising gigs for charity, specifically animal charities, raising a considerable amount of money as well as collecting vast amounts of animal food. The band also donated all proceedings from their show towards a fans hospital bills after  getting mugged buying cigarettes down the road from another metal show.

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The band featured on various channels, podcasts, websites and radio stations worldwide. To name a few, Local Band Smoke Out (USA and Canada), Brews N Tunes NY, Dirty Radio FM, Metal Devastation, UG Media, Metal Temple, MMH – Rock Radio, The Reverend Radio Show, The Epic Show as well as more local features such as Metal 4 Africa, France The Planet, Audio Inferno and Underground Press. Their first single “Aggravated Assault” was featured in the top 100 of Vishnu’s Trumpet and finished in 2nd. The band was also interviewed in the 3rd edition of Vulture Thrust Metal Magazine

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