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Chris Luca-Vox Dave Comer-Guitars Mark Baker-Bass James "Jas" Dillon-Drums KillSET hailing from California was created by taking a professional, well-oiled metal machine and adding an explosive, highly ignited, and charismatic front man. With an “anything goes” attitude, the contributions and writing styles of each member seem to perfectly complement one another's individual uniqueness, to create a sound that beautifully kills. KillSET joined forces with renowned producer, Eddie Wohl (Anthrax, Fuel, Smile, Empty Soul, Ill Nino) and completed their first two full-length albums "Know Your Killer" and “S.T.F.U.” demonstrating their signature sound of pure ferocity and simple beauty. 

The overwhelming support from the previous albums has allowed KillSET to embark on another musical journey, which has culminated in the brand new and highly anticipated album “Killin’ Spree”! This incredibly diverse record includes the song, “Burn” which was co-produced by and features Elias Soriano of Nonpoint, as well as other tracks featuring surprise guest musicians. 

“Burn” speaks to many issues that are currently exploding in this country and the world. It begins with a heightened level of anger toward existing in a world that seems to be driven by increased hatred, greed and corruption.  Current situations have become so volatile, not only on a societal level, but also on a personal level.  You see lifelong relationships being tested and ruined daily in support of people who truly care nothing about us and are simply attempting to manipulate the masses for greed and power.  A feeling of hopelessness can easily overwhelm you while simply scrolling through social media or various news outlets these days.  You sit back and are disheartened by the constant attacks on the basic morals and values that were once held sacred, the negative place we are currently in and the direction things are headed.   That being said, you must accept and acknowledge that you are an active participant in this. Elias references this realization, that is needed on a personal level, perfectly with his lyrics “It’s gotten to the point that I don’t recognize, I don’t recognize me anymore. I’m doing things and saying things I shouldn’t, yeah I don’t recognize me anymore.”  It’s an incredibly important line that speaks directly to the introspection we all must have in order to recognize the part we are playing in this chaos and our own demise.  In the video we all have shots in front of a mirror. As the concept of the song changes to the possibility that we can come out of this positively, it becomes clear that one has to start making changes within oneself (the person in the mirror), if there is any hope.  

Burn is now available on Spotify and all streaming platforms!



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