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Long Island, New York - Kissing Candice fans no longer have to wait. The Long Island group has heard their pleas and is set to satiate their metal demands. Kissing Candice's highly requested live and well-beloved music video, "Ghosted" is now available for streaming and download: anywhere, anytime. The moment has now arrived as their fans' yearning desires are being fulfilled. Kissing Candice along with The Label Group via INgrooves has now made "Ghosted" available for streaming/download.

''Ghosted" has been a staple in our live set for years now. However, fans consider it a 'lost track' as it never received a proper release. We never put it out on an album and people always ask where they can hear it other than on YouTube. We are beyond excited to finally introduce "Ghosted" into the streaming universe so it can continue to crush skulls as it does live. We figured this would be a great thing to do while our fans eagerly await the release of our new full-length album!"' - Kissing Candice

"Ghosted" was Produced, Engineered, Mixed by Jeremy Comitas at Speederbikes Studios in New Jersey in 2014.

Kissing Candice is a masked metal band hailing from the state of New York. Combining elements of industrial, nu-metal, and hardcore, they have created their own unique sound that matches their horror inspired aesthetic; where live shows consist of insane light shows, disgusting theatrics, and A LOT of raw energy. Kissing Candice is a package... One that you have to see to believe.

Kissing Candice Band Members:

Joey Simpson

Tom Sciro

Mike Grippo


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