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Kissing Candice Signs with Up & Coming Metal Powerhouse Zoid Entertainment

Kissing Candice signs with Metal Powerhouse Zoid Entertainment partnering with TLG Entertainment/INgrooves for their November 13th single release. PRE-SAVE "Tapeworm" Now!

Kissing Candice has been leaving their horror-imprint of heavy metal since 2012. They've set an indelible design with their music and trademark masks. Now with the release of their single/video "Tapeworm" they’ve brought it all together as the five members of Kissing Candice have teamed up with a few different special effects artists to create their new masks (see list of artists below). KC peeled back their new twisted and obscured garb recently in an exclusive premiere with Rue Morgue, and their heavy metal song, “Tapeworm”, due out Friday November 13th, can be pre-saved while the video wriggles its way into the hearts and stomachs.

Along with the release of "Tapeworm" Kissing Candice have multiple projects in various media parcels coming in 2021 including a new album and a horror comic book by Sacred Chaos Comics in the works.

JOIN THE KISSING CANDICE Community – Text +1 (631) 206 5808 OR

MASK MAKERS: Aunt Donna – Tom Savini & Tom BakerDreamer/Suffront/Grip – Jeff KoncorPak – Pak and a Blowtorch

"A visceral punch in the stomach. No frills, raw and machine like out of the gate, gripping you and never letting go. People will suck you dry if you let them, this is what that feels like."


Produced/Engineered/Mixed by Zach Jones. Mastered by Maor Applebaum. Music video by Tom Flynn

Photography by Andrew Wolfe

Kissing Candice is an industrial metal band based out of Long Island, NY (although every member now lives in a different state) with as much of an emphasis on horror tinged theatrics as their crushing music. Beginning as just an idea in 2012, Kissing Candice developed their sound, image, and stage antics over the years until they are where they are now... After MANY tours with high profile artists and massive festivals, Kissing Candice grew into the beast they now are. Having released 3 EP's, and 1 Full Length, along with a multitude of singles to fill the space, Kissing Candice is now ready to drop their 2nd full length. Postponed by the global pandemic, Kissing Candice has been using this time to make sure everything is perfect for this album so they can open the gates of Hell with this full length of ALL BRAND NEW SONGS! Filled with a refined sound which the band has been working towards over the years, they believe they are musically at their best and looking THEIR ABSOLUTE SHARPEST!

Special thank you to - Zach Jones, Maor Applebaum, Tom Flynn, all of our fans who donated to the GoFundMe when we first announced this self funded album back in February. We swear it's coming along with all your perks.

This is your first taste of it!


Text +1 (631) 206-5808 OR


Aunt Donna - Tom Savini & Tom Baker

Dreamer/Suffront/Grip - Jeff Koncor

Pak - Pak and a Blowtorch

Aunt Donna (Vocals):

The evolution of Aunt Donna is constantly growing... This cycle of her is very... hmm... how can I say it? It is like a Psycho-Erotic man-eater. A cross between Marilyn Manson, Buffalo Bill, and Freddie Mercury. A very bizarre mash-up of people from many different walks of life. The outfit is completed with a fur coat, straight jacket style corset, knee-high platform boots, and a few other over the top accessories that you’ll have to wait to see. The mask is a full head silicone mask, created by horror special effects legend Tom Savini (who needs no introduction) and the super talented Jason Baker of Callosum Studios ( Their repertoire includes works for a wide variety of other interesting individuals including Corey Taylor, Bray Wyatt (WWE), Code Orange, The Misfits, and expands all the way to Lady Gaga and countless others..

Pak (drums)

This is Michael Pak drummer of Kissing Candice. My mask was originally based on Reaper's Nevermore skin from the game Overwatch and was gifted to me from a good friend a couple of years ago, but in order to make it unrecognizable, it had to drastically altered. The material is made of fiberglass plastic that easily warps under the exposure of applied heat. I wanted to take it a step further and literally burn the surface of the mask. While we were in the studio, at the beginning of 2020 recording or newest album, our vocalist was able to provide me a proper blow torch. You can watch the entire transformation done in our studio documentary.  

Suffront (Guitar) 

My mask was made by mask maker Jeff Koncor. My inspiration for the mask is a mix of the "Santiago Fulanito" which is an urban legend from my native country of the Dominican Republic. The story comes from the 70's and took place in the city of Santiago, located in the Dominican Republic. A priest's son was run over by an all black Buick in front of the church during a Palm Sunday service. Legend has it that you can hear his cries every Palm Sunday at the downtown monument. Also, my mask is a mix of The Alien from M night Shylamalan's film "Signs". It's a latex mask with bulgy bug eyes, which were made out of the sunglasses of a human female. The two rubber horns on top are meant to represent the demons that reside in all of us, even if we are alien. I wanted this mask to look like the bastard lovechild of a Dominican demon and an alien.

Grip (bass)

My mask was made by an up and comer and frequent collaborator of the band, Jeff Koncor. With my masks, I have always gone for evolution. I want each mask to have some features of the last. These features have always been an exaggeration on the human face. With a large grin and huge eyes, I always felt there was something off-putting about this. I want my masks to always be recognizable in the way that you can tell it's still me, but a different version. Over the years, I have drawn influence in my masks and costumes from a variety of sources. My look is inspired by steampunk universes and Hellraiser.

Dreamer (Guitar/Vocals):

My mask is based on the fact that things with somewhat recognizable, but not clear features messes with your mind and your brain fills in the details. Aesthetically, it’s taken from the movie Goodnight, Mommy, and the famous Edvard Munch painting: the scream. Featureless always leaves you head scratching and looking and wanting more and that’s the aim for this mask.

New Album and Comic Book Project by Sacred Chaos Comics coming in 2021. Check out the teaser panel below: Follow along for more information and Kickstarter.

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