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Lasting Maze: a reflection on fear with "Thunder" EP release

(Photo credit: Zenden Silva)

Brazilian melodic metal LASTING MAZE was formed back in 2014. Composing songs about the human mind, psychology, science, movies, games, as well as human feelings, the group formed by Grazy Mesquita (vocals), Pedro Anselmo (guitars), Isaac Barros (bass) and Mick Souza (drums) worked hard despite the delay caused by coronavirus pandemic, releasing singles, videos and playing online festivals while finishing their new effort, a follow-up to 2016's "Silent Spring" EP.

April 23rd marks the end of this wait with the release of "Thunder" EP, an effort which shows LASTING MAZE's new approach and maturity, presenting a positive message to fans, showing that it is possible to face your fears and challenges with patience, wisdom and holding your head high.

Singer Grazy Mesquita says about the EP:

"'Thunder' brings an energetic and positive atmosphere, making a reflection on fear, a normal feeling, but one that can imprison the human mind. In order to face fear, it's necessary to understand it, question it and map it, then you are be able to move on. The songs propose that it is possible to face all adversities without placing yourself in a victim position, understanding your place as an individual, empowering yourself and facing obstacles with vigor, wisdom, patience and holding your head high."

The EP was recorded, mixed and mastered by Daniel Tavares, at Nevada Studio. The artwork was made by Wesley Souza and shows elements that represent all the songs of the EP: Thunder, empowerment, the Cosmos, the search to achieve what is desired. Above all, the artwork conveys a stormy and dark atmosphere, representing the countless adversities that we face, but it also conveys serenity and strength through the features of the character. All these elements result in a beautiful masterpiece that sets the atmosphere of "Thunder" EP.

Watch "To The Wolves" video HERE.

"Thunder" track listing:

1. Thunder

2. Greatest Sin

3. To The Wolves

4. Kosmos

5. Destiny (Carry On)

Listen "Thunder" EP HERE.


- Grazy Mesquita - Vocals

- Pedro Anselmo - Guitars

- Isaac Barros - Bass

- Mick Souza - Drums

(Photo credit: Wesley Souza)


(Photo credit: Zenden Silva)

Lasting Maze - "To The Wolves"

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