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LIFE OF A HERO: Releases Video For New Single ‘IN MY DREAMS’

LIFE OF A HERO: Releases Video For New Single ‘IN MY DREAMS’

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LIFE OF A HERO is one of the newest bands bursting out the UK modern hard rock scene. With their upcoming album ‘Letting Go’ being released on November 12th via Battlegod Productions, the band are building anticipation with the video for their new single, In My Dreams.

The music video is the 3rd offering from the upcoming album and is a song dedicated to all of the heroes out there. While the video has a military element, powerhouse frontman Russ Grimmett (son of world-renowned frontman for Lionsheart & Grim Reaper, Steve Grimmett) explains that to the band, the term hero goes beyond that:

“The latest single IN MY DREAMS is for all the heroes out there in the world, not just the war heroes, but everyone who has made a difference to someone’s life.”

A single that ties into the very inspiration behind the band’s name, LIFE OF HERO is a testament to the inspiration that can be born through adversity. With a mission, in Grimmett’s words, to “please as many ears as possible” the band is taking their own brand of melodic modern hard rock and inspiring as many people as possible to #becomeahero

You can check out the video for IN MY DREAMS below.

Line Up:

Russ Grimmett - Vocals

Pete Newdeck - Drums & Backing Vocals

Mike Meakin - Guitars & Backing Vocals

Alex Nash - Guitars & Backing Vocals

Josh “Tabbie” Williams - Bass & Backing Vocals

Life Of A Hero - In My Dreams Music Video

Tracklist - Letting Go:

01. 3D – 3:33

02. Letting Go – 3:30

03. In My Dreams – 4:35

04. Caught In A Lie – 3:35

05. Don’t Waste My Time – 3:44

06. Stay For A While – 4:12

07. Down And Out - 3:40

08. Risk It All – 3:45

09. Shine A Light - 3:45

10. Falling Apart At The Seams – 3:19

11. When We Let Go – 4:43

Total playtime: 40:21

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