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London based duo Prïnceps unleash new single “Saints”

London based duo Prïnceps unleash new single “Saints”

With a growing oeuvre on 152 Records, London based electro rock band Prïnceps is poised to do big things. While their repertoire is a fearless explorer of genre-spanning sonics, the duo’s latest offering “Saints” showcases yet another string to their bow: electronica/downtempo.

Check it out “Saints”:

Opening with a minimal, radio-friendly arrangement of deep bass, thumping kicks and melodic voice, the inventive number soon snaps into an electronic passage, pierced by varied vocal tones and riotous riffs to create an ingenious hybrid hit. “I never said, it was a while ago, I thought out loud, I guess it's too late to apologise, I go around I go around I go around...We're out of light” insists the singer Renz Byrne, foreshadowing the wild ride the listener is in for. Marko Press, bassist and producer of the band, centres the composition around the plucked bass to create a soundscape not dissimilar to traditional techno music house, but nonetheless decorated with his signature giddying chops to ensure that the track is packed with surprises through to its final notes.

Resultantly, “Saints” makes for a hell of an experience, and will no doubt have listeners longing for the return of clubs; after all, tracks like this are made to be played loud!

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