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LORD OF THE LOST to Represent Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 in Liverpool!

Watch their Winning Performance at the German Preliminaries HERE

“Blood & Glitter” to be Performed Live at the Biggest Music Contest in the World!

A Glamorous Party of Glam Rock and Metal Fusion at Eurovision!

LORD OF THE LOST will bring a glamorous party of Glam Rock and Metal fusion to Eurovision Song Contest 2023, when they represent Germany in Liverpool with the title track of their current #1-debuting album, Blood & Glitter. At the German preliminary shows, LORD OF THE LOST performed alongside multiple great artists from many different musical genres, and ultimately garnered the most public votes by a large margin. LORD OF THE LOST say to their fans and everyone that took part in the show: “BLOOD & GLITTER is “Our song for Liverpool”! THANK YOU, for everything! We are not the best band in the world (they already exist), but we are the band with the best fans in the world: YOU! Thanks also to everyone who made this show possible. Since there are too many names, summarized: NDR, ARD, Bildergarten TV, everyone orbiting in the orbit of this event and our crew! And greatest respect, thanks and love to you: Anica Russo, René Miller, Will Church, Patty Gurdy, Trong, Frida Gold, Lonely Spring and Ikke Hüftgold. From day 1 of the rehearsals we lived the spirit of the ESC: UNITED BY MUSIC. With each other – not against each other.”

Watch the winning performance of “Blood & Glitter” live at the German preliminaries HERE:

In 2023, German genre-fusing visionaries LORD OF THE LOST are jumping from one highlight to the next! The appearance at Eurovision Song Contest 2023 in Liverpool on May 13, 2023 is another huge highlight in the band’s career. The year began with their first-ever #1 debut on the Official German Album Charts with their new album, Blood & Glitter, followed by a completely sold-out club tour throughout Germany, and they will continue on to support Iron Maiden again on their upcoming European tour. LORD OF THE LOST will also appear at several major festivals throughout Europe through the rest of the year and recently announced further shows.

Get Your Copy of the #1 Album, Blood & Glitter, HERE!

When conjuring the concept of Blood & Glitter, the band was inspired by the eponymous work of legendary music photographer Mick Rock, known for taking a large majority of the most famous photos of musicians in the 70s glam rock era. LORD OF THE LOST visually immerse themselves in the lifestyle of that era and combine it with the new wave and pop sound of the 80s, building on their own familiar dark metal foundation. The result: a glamorous party with critical and direct messages. Blood & Glitter Tracklist:

  1. Blood & Glitter

  2. Leave Your Hate In The Comments

  3. Absolute Attitude

  4. The Future Of A Past Life (feat. Marcus Bischoff)

  5. No Respect For Disrespect

  6. Reset The Preset (feat. Andy LaPlegua)

  7. Destruction Manual

  8. Dead End

  9. Leaving The Planet Earth

  10. Forever Lost

  11. Save Our Souls (feat. Ally Storch)

  12. One Last Song

  13. The Look (Roxette Cover) (feat. Blümchen)

Blood & Glitter is available in the following formats:

  • 2LP Gatefold Recycled Color VINYL – Napalm Records Shop & Lord Shop exclusive

  • Deluxe Box DVD (incl. bag, Pendant) – Napalm Records Shop exclusive – SOLD OUT!

  • 1CD Digisleeve

  • 2CD Mediabook

  • Digital Album

Contrasts run like a thread throughout the album, once again proving different in comparison to their previous work. In addition to Chameleon Studios in Hamburg, Blood & Glitter was produced and recorded at the Sonic Pump Studios in Helsinki. The album goes all the way from start to finish – thus completely bypassing ballads. The hard-hitting dancefloor track "Leave Your Hate In The Comments" makes a strong statement by addressing the increasing hate culture in social media. Furthermore, the eighth studio album features a variety of very special guests such as Heaven Shall Burn singer Marcus Bischoff on "The Future Of A Past Life", Andy LaPlegua of Combichrist on "Reset The Preset" and Subway To Sally's Ally Storch on violin for "Save Our Souls”. Wrapping up the record with "One Last Song”, Chris Harms states on the track: "I was wondering what song I would want to sing last before I die and realized that song didn't exist yet. So here it is. Probably the most important song I've ever written." A bonus track, a remarkable cover of Roxette’s “The Look”, features none other than German 90s popstar Blümchen as a duet partner. The band once again goes its own way and releases, without much advance, an album that defies all clichés, prejudices, genre norms and conventions, and makes strong statements in terms of content! So to say: Blood & Glitter is 100% LORD OF THE LOST. LORD OF THE LOST live 2023: After a full year of touring, including a support tour for Iron Maiden, a headline tour, an acoustic tour, several festival appearances and the band's own Lordfest, LORD OF THE LOST were once again invited by the legendary Iron Maiden to be direct support on their European tour in 2023, beyond major festival and club appearances. 13.05.23 – Finale of the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 – Live from Liverpool BLOOD & GLITTER SHOWS 2023: 25.04.23 AR – Buenos Aires 27.04.23 CL – Santiago 01.06.23 SE – Stockholm 09.06.23 DE – Zwickau 17.06.23 DE – Saarbrücken 31.07.23 DE – Aschaffenburg 02.08.23 DE – Karlsruhe 23.09.23 UK – London 24.09.23 UK – Bristol 26.09.23 UK – Southampton 27.09.23 UK – Nottingham 28.09.23 UK – Wolverhampton 29.09.23 UK – Manchester 11.10.23 FR – Lille 12.10.23 FR – Savigny-le-Temple 13.10.23 FR – La Roche-sur-Yon The Future Past Tour 2023 with IRON MAIDEN: 03.06.23 FI – Tampere 24.06.23 IE – Dublin 26.06.23 UK – Glasgow 28.06.23 UK – Leeds 30.06.23 UK – Manchester 03.07.23 UK – Nottingham 04.07.23 UK – Birmingham 07.07.23 UK – London 26.07.23 DE – Dortmund 01.08.23 DE – Munich Festivals 2023: 29.-30.04.23 BR – Sao Paulo / Summer Breeze Brazil 07.-10.06.23 PL – Gdansk / Mystic Festival 07.-10.06.23 AT – Nickelsdorf / Nova Rock 15.-18.06.23 FR – Clisson / Hellfest 05.-08.07.23 DE – Ballenstedt / Rockharz 13.-16.07.23 CZ – Zlin / Masters Of Rock 20.-22.07.23 FI – Laukaa / John Smith Rock Festival 29.-30.07.23 DE – Cologne / Amphi Festival 02.-05.08.23 DE – Wacken / Wacken Open Air 29.-30.09.23 UK – Sheffield / HRH Goth 2 14.10.23 DE – Cologne / Unter Schwarzer Flagge 17.-18.11.23 DE – Leipzig / Gothic Meets Classic LORDFEST 2023: 09.12.23 DE – Hamburg (not on pre-sale yet) Tickets available here: LORD OF THE LOST are: Chris Harms – Vocals, Guitar Pi Stoffers – Guitar Class Grenayde – Bass Gared Dirge – Piano, Synths, Percussion, Guitar Niklas Kahl – Drums LORD OF THE LOST online: WEBSITE FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM TIKTOK

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