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M-Theory Audio - IMMORTAL GUARDIAN Announces West Coast 'Brovember Quarantour' Live Performances

IMMORTAL GUARDIAN Announces West Coast 'Brovember Quarantour' Live Performances

IMMORTAL GUARDIAN is (L-R): Justin Piedimonte (Drums), Joshua Lopez (Bass), Carlos Zema (Vocals), Gabriel Guardian (Guitars/Keyboards)

The extreme progressive/power metal group IMMORTAL GUARDIAN are once again taking the epic sounds of their critically acclaimed concept album “Psychosomatic” to the road, this time embarking on the “Brovember Quaratour.” The band's week-long trek throughout the west coast begins Friday, November 5th at Pubrock Live in Scottsdale, AZ, includes an appearance at RuinFest VI Fest in Santa Ana, CA alongside bands as diverse as Internal Bleeding, Mictlantecuhtli and labelmates Voices of Ruin, and concludes the following Friday, November 12th at Toot's Tavern in San Francisco, CA with more shows to be announced. These live shows will see the band's expansive sounds accompanied by a visually entrancing laser/light show, along with support from Los Angeles-based Venezuelan-American progressive-metal act Sifting. Full “Brovember Quarantour” dates are below.

Says singer Carlos Zema, “The Guardians of the West felt left out on this last run. That’s why we are excited to bring you the 'Brovember Quarantour!' We are bringing our 'Psychosomatic' live show to the west coast! New music, new light show, new merch, a whole new epicness. We can’t wait to see you there!”

The tour sees IMMORTAL GUARDIAN once again taking the sounds of “Psychosomatic,” their acclaimed new concept record, on the road following a six-week tour in August and September that dazzled metal fans nationwide. The album has been lauded by Metal Temple for its “melody and power, two things displayed in a smashing way throughout this album” and led Metal Rules to call the group “one of the most interesting bands that have emerged in recent years on the international power metal scene.” Video clips for the title track, Candlelight,” and Phobia,” the latter of which featured a guest appearance by Angra guitarist Marcelo Barbosa, have captured the ears of heavy metal fans worldwide, while their videos for “Clocks,” “Lockdown” and “Read Between The Lines” have earned praise from the likes of MetalSucks, Metal Injection and Gear Gods.

After making a splash via their 2018 full-length debut “Age of Revolution” – which featured its own fair share of creative music videos, including the “Armageddon”-meets-telenovela clip for “Stardust” – and through tours with the likes of Marty Friedman, Exmortus and Powerglove, IMMORTAL GUARDIAN gathered in Las Vegas at the beginning of 2020 to record their second album. As the spread of COVID-19 and the subsequent pandemic began to ensue, shutdowns around the world began being enforced, resulting in the band completely scrapping the record that they had been working on and writing and creating a new thematic record about their emotions surrounding current events. The resulting “Psychosomatic” was a truly multi-national record, with guitarist/keyboardist Gabriel Guardian – known for his uncanny ability to play the two instruments simultaneously – remaining in Las Vegas, singer Carlos Zema recording his vocals from his home in Brazil, drummer Justin Piedimonte tracking from Montreal and bassist Joshua Lopez recording from IMMORTAL GUARDIAN's native Texas.

“Psychosomatic” is a product of the extraordinary turmoil of 2020 that affected millions of people around the world, as well as the next step in IMMORTAL GUARDIAN’s exhilarating melding of melodic power metal with progressive/shred tendencies. The group is looking forward to bringing their scintillating sounds and dazzling visuals to the road for their west coast fans to experience live.

“Psychosomatic” (Vinyl, CD, Digital) is available at

IMMORTAL GUARDIAN Tour Dates (with Sifting):

11/05 – Pub Rock Live – Scottsdale, AZ

11/06 – Ruinfest @ Stages – Santa Ana, CA

11/07 – TBA – Las Vegas, NV

11/08 – Metro Music Hall – Salt Lake City, UT

11/10 – El Corazon – Seattle, WA

11/12 – Toot's Tavern – San Francisco, CA


Gabriel Guardian - Guitars/Keyboards

Carlos Zema - Vocals

Justin Piedimonte - Drums

Joshua Lopez - Bass

For more info:

“The musicianship is top-tier and the group’s compositional ability is unheard of for a band this young. [Guitarist} Gabriel Guardian is a new American hero.” – Decibel

“Melody and Power, two things displayed in a smashing way throughout this album. If Immortal Guardian isn’t already on your playlist, I think they should be. 10/10 –

"A mega-catchy prog-power anthem (Read Between The Lines) mixed with a blend of crushing performances that'll leave you salivating for more." - Metal Injection

"Psychosomatic, an album that will likely be viewed as one of 2021’s best releases, and a landmark record forImmortal Guardian. " - Metal Nation

"“Psychosomatic” is a super catchy (Prog) Power Metal album" - Metalheads Forever Magazine

"With this album (Psychosomatic) Immortal Guardian should no longer be seen as a promising band. Not only have they shown that they have an enormous compositional quality and an elite technical level, they have also shown that they are a band that faces difficulties and that they have all the will to continue. Making a high-quality second album two years after their dazzling debut tells us about the enormous inner power these musicians have." - Metal Rules

"“QUARAN-TAAAAAYN!” No matter what you think about Immortal Guardian, it’s refreshing to hear a band that plays their style while confronting modern life. Though there’s a lot of big, epic, technical stuff going on on Psychosomatic, it never devolves into a lot of bullshit about chivalry and orcs. As such, they feel poised to be the inheritors of Nevermore’s throne, a gritty power metal band who feel relevant even as they soar. Get this in your brain." - The Pit

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