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Metal Requiem - Sickness Within - (Thrash /Death Metal)

Metal Requiem - 'Sickness Within' (Thrash /Death Metal)

Released Jul 16, 2021


Metal Requiem is a thrash / death metal band, founded in 2001 by Alden de León ( Skullcrusher ) drums & Ezra de León ( The Crow ) bass, together with guitarist César Flores ( Massacre ), and later joins the in Walter Villegas ( Tormentor ) on the vocal duties.

The band recorded their first EP in 2002 titled " Inquisition ", the single of the same name was on local radio promotion, which makes known to the band nationally and Central American debut at this year as the band " Disclosure of the Moment "at various festivals, the most important of Independence Metal Fest II bands sharing the stage with national and Central American region.

At the end of 2003 begins the recording of the new album, with changes in the band, now reinforcing the 2 guitars sound, which is released in early 2004 with a more melodic than the previous record, Metal Requiem is enshrined as one of the most powerful band in the Guatemalan metal scene.

The tour begins and the band comprises an extensive touring of almost 2 years without stopping, covering Guatemala City and inside the country and Central America (Honduras and El Salvador). The band has headlined the opportunity to share stage with international bands like: Behemoth (Poland) & Marduk (Sweden) in 2005 and participated in several music festivals, including one that involved various genres such as Jazz, Regge and rock: Jamtigua 2006.

In 2007, the band publishes a compilation of the best (2002-2007) and start promoting and recording of video / single "Corruption Of Morality", the band opened the show for Cannibal Corpse (USA), also in that year they won a Rock Republik Award (from page as the best death metal band from Guatemala, then continues the tour with dates to 2008 in which the group opened the shows for: Transmetal , Leprosy (Mexico) & Antidemon ( Brazil).

In 2009 they began composing and recording the third material, titled "Unorthodox", recorded at Soundtrack Studios (El Salvador) and Zero Studios (Guatemala) and mastered in New York WWSM Studios by Alan Douches (Nile, Mastodon, Cannibal Corpse, Shadows Fall and more). The new album has a great composition and production that surpasses anything done before by the band, the album was launched in early 2010 and it receives great reviews nationally and internationally (close up Magazine in Sweden), due to the quality of the production they were invited to open the Megadeth show in Guatemala (USA) in May 2010.

The first single “Slaves of Violence” reach to the top ten in the Guatemala radio charts and was nominated for Best Song of the year category in 2010 by the online radio El Circo del Rock (

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Current line-up

The preacher : vocals

Skullcrusher: drums.

Raúl Cerna: guitars.

Demolisher: bass


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