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Minneriket - Hjemlengsel (Single) - (Norwegian Romantic Black Metal)

Minneriket - Hjemlengsel (Norwegian Romantic Black Metal)

Minneriket returns in 50 shades of black!

For fans of Nargaroth, Trelldom, Burzum, Wardruna, Xasthur, Taake, Dimmu Borgir, Ulver.

Mineriket returns with a new music video 'Hjemlengsel' (homesickness). Shot by Daniel Puskas of Valhallartworks. The video features stunning drone footage of majestic Iceland set to the somber and melodic tunes of new Minneriket material.

Check out the video on YouTube:

" I wanted to really present the beauty of melancholy" Akslen says. "My music is very visual in its compositions, painting within the soundcapes... I think the whole world needs to take a deep cleansing breath, and this is two minutes of pure serenity".

Cooperating with session musicians Misstiq (keys), Margarita Chernova (strings) and Norlene Olmedo (cello), ' Hjenlengsel ' is a taste of what's to come where Stein Akslen of Minneriket has joined forces with a huge roster of session collaborators to bring forth a hybrid of black metal, goth and classical all presented in 50 shades of blackness.

Commenting on this change of style Akslen narrates: "I've spent too much time going against the grain that right now I'm not even in the same field. This upcoming album is both a departure and an arrival, and a finger to orthodoxy in metal".

' Hjenlemgsel ' is available on YouTube , iTunes and Spotify , released February 12th 2021. The full length album will be available later this year.

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Norwegian Romantic Black Metal band Minneriket is the work of vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Stein Akslen, who created the project for as much a philosophical and spiritual channeling as a musical outlet.

Drawing on influences as various as punk, goth and classical yet steeped in the intensity of the early Norwegian black metal scene, Minneriket returns in 2021 to present 50 shades of blackness.

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