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Misanthropik Torment Recruits Matt Campbell On Bass!

Misanthropik Torment Recruits Matt Campbell On Bass! (Blackened Death Metal)

Misanthropik Torment Recruits Matt Campbell On Bass! As a true student of music, Robert Mathew Campbell is ready to bring the low end ruckus to Misanthropik Torment. After studying music theory and perfecting his technique on bass within multiple genres of music and studio work, he is ready to bring the brutality that is needed. Misanthropik Torment also just signed a record deal with Hominine Records ! Check out the label at this link: Lexington, Kentucky's ' Misanthropik Torment' is an Old-school Death Metal Band. Misanthropik Torment's sole purpose is to enlighten the world through the chaotic insanity that is the chaos theory , to stand against tyranny and advocate for the execution of all rapists and pedophiles! Camp Verde, Arizona - January 14th, 2000, Misanthropik Torment mastermind Erick Scarlet (AKA Erick Leviathan ) was arrested and later charged with "Dangerous Deadly Assault" after he attacked and stabbed Jason Tardiff 56 times in the groin area, essentially castrating the man. Erick was sentenced to 16 years in prison. Erick claims he attacked Jason after finding out that Jason was sexually assaulting his girlfriends three and a half year old daughter. During Ericks 16 years in prison, he began writing the lyrics for the songs that are now performed by his band Misanthropik Torment. April 2021, Misanthropik Torment Signed A Distribution Deal With Envenomed Music! MISANTHROPIK TORMENT IS ENDORSED BY DIRTBAG CLOTHING Misanthropik Torment is also endorsed by WB Gear! Support the band and cause by purchasing merch and music from them on Bandcamp!

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