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Montreal’s Junkowl Premiere Music Video 'Crawling Up My Feet' via Lambgoat

Montreal’s Junkowl Premiere Music Video 'Crawling Up My Feet' via Lambgoat Debut Album “Making Out With My Death” Out June 5, 2020

L-R – Dominic Labrie – Drums, Jesse Frechette – Vocals, Marco Larosa – Guitar, Samuel Matte- Bass

Photo Credit – Alexandre Guay

Oozing with rock n roll vibes, Junkowl is coming for ya out of Montreal. A slick combination of stoner riffs, hardcore energy, and groovy bass, this is party animal blues. Expect their debut album “Making Out With My Death” on June 5, 2020.

As a whole, the album is a slow dark ride. Heavy riffs; big dirty bass lines, in your face drums and gut-wrenching screams telling tales of self-loathing, confusion, and intoxication. This is a solid album, something to enjoy with a few beers, smoke a joint, and bang your head off for 30 minutes. Vocalist Jesse Frechette explains the lyrical content on the album:

“Most of my lyrics are about past regrets or self-destructive behaviour. Kind of indulging in negative thoughts and emotions. A lot of them were written while I was wasted. I like to think that the next album will have a much different lyrical theme but hey, old habits die hard.”

This gritty take on real-life issues is confronted with the video form single 'Crawling Up My Feet', a song about “falling in love with someone when you’re depressed or struggling with addiction, and essentially about how it’s pretty much impossible to love someone properly when you don’t love yourself.”

For fans of Cancer Bats, Every Time I Die, and System of a Down; the video for 'Crawling Up My Feet' can be watched via its premiere on Lambgoat HERE.

Track Listing:

1. Snakecharmer

2. Quarantine Us All (2:27)

3. Shake Me

4. Dead Hooker (4:40)

5. Little Scum (4:54)

6. Crawling Up My Feet (3:46)

7. Sickness Lives

8. Relapse (3:39)

9. Straitjacket

10. 10,000 Vultures

Album Length: 37:28

Junkowl is:

Jesse Frechette – Vocals

Dominic Labrie – Drums

Samuel Matte- Bass

Marco Larosa – Guitar For more info:

EPK About:

Heavy, sexy, and southern. Those are the best words to describe Montreal’s Junkowl.

Formed in 2017, their unique blend of groove metal, stoner, and hardcore is matched with high energy ‘in your face’ performances. A year earlier Jesse Frechette (vocals) met Dom Labrie (drums) and after a few jams they picked up Marco Larosa (guitar) and Samuel Matte (bass) and the rest is history. The writing process is a collaborative one, with melodies and vocals usually forming on the spot.

Moving through the underground music scene, Junkowl quickly made a name for themselves when they won the 2019 ‘En Route Vers Heavy Montreal’; a competition between nearly 200 bands, landing them a spot at that year’s edition of renowned metal festival Heavy Montreal. On June 5th, 2020, they will release their debut album, “Making Out With My Death”, a 10 track record full of sultry and powerful songs about past regrets and self-destructive behaviour. It includes the band’s favourite “10,000 Vultures”, the first song Junkowl ever wrote, which was completed after the first jam together. Almost all the lyrics were freestyle during that jam.

With no sign of slowing down, Junkowl has more tunes in the works and pouring passion into their live performances and newly recorded tunes. Stay tuned for party animal blues; fat spliffs and heavy riffs.

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