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MOONSPELL’s Fernando Ribeiro Reacts to Original "The Butterfly Effect" Music Video!

MOONSPELL’s Fernando Ribeiro Reacts to Original "The Butterfly Effect" Music Video! Watch HERE Reissue of Definitive Album out Today via Napalm Records

Everything is everywhere, the butterfly effect! Recorded at London's Trident Studios in 1999, MOONSPELL's fourth album, The Butterfly Effect, saw the band follow more experimental paths after their impactful beginnings in gothic metal. Influenced by industrial elements of the nineties, this full-length release from the Portuguese pioneers captivates with down-tuned guitars, an electronic veil of ghostly synths and the concept of the scientific chaos theory, proclaiming that even the smallest events in life can lead to tremendous consequences. With The Butterfly Effect, MOONSPELL delivered some of the most courageous and exploratory songs of their career. Finally available again as LP Gatefold, digipak and even cassette tape formats, The Butterfly Effect is out today via Napalm Records! In addition, this reissue includes two new remixes, a completely re-designed cover and layout artwork, as well as an exclusive excerpt from the Butterfly FX chapter of the band's official biography, Wolves Who Were Men! On the occasion of the much anticipated re-release of MOONSPELL’s 1999 divisive masterpiece The Butterfly Effect, Fernando Ribeiro, the band’s lead singer, sat down to rewatch the title track video (directed by Andreas Marschall) and to guide us through the video making of, song visual meaning and the interesting ties with today’s state of the pandemic world. 

Watch the reaction video HERE:

The re-release of The Butterfly Effect, a must-have reissue of the year – and one that belongs in every carefully-curated MOONSPELL record collection – is available at THIS LOCATION! The Butterfly Effect Tracklisting:

01. Soulsick

02. Butterfly FX

03. Can't Bee

04. Lustmord

05. Selfabuse

06. I Am The Eternal Spectator

07. Solitary Vice

08. Dissapear Here

09. Adaptables

10. Angelizer

11. Tired

12. K + 7" Vinyl Bonus Tracks:

13. Never Stop to Hurt You (Lustmord Remix by Pedro Paixão)

14. Angelized (Angelizer Remix by Pedro Paixão)

For More Info Visit:

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