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Movment share intense and dark new single "Leave me Alone"

Movment share intense and dark new single "Leave me Alone"

Movment are a post-punk alternative indie rock band from Ireland formed by Martin Kelly (Vocals & Drums) and Kevin Kelly (Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Synths & Programming). The duo has just released the new single entitled, “Leave Me Alone”, the dark and dreary melody on this track is befitting of a horror movie villain’s own soundtrack.

They have released 1 album, Broken Down, and 1 EP, Red Death Sessions. They will be releasing their 2nd album, Transformation, on 02 December 2021, preceded by the singles, Propaganda and Leave Me Alone. Movment have been making music for a long time. Their approach has always been simple and direct. They use whatever tools are available to inspire them. The starting point is drums, bass, and guitar. But new technologies add atmosphere and expose their ideas.

They are more dark than light, more strong than weak, more direct. Movment produce raw, intense, engaging, and real alternative rock music with guitars, electronics, bass, drums and experiments with sound. Although guitars and bass are at the heart of their sound, it is hard to ignore the electronics that have infiltrated Movment's core. Movment are hard to pin down and will evolve further as music moves forward.

There is a divergence in society. The new album Transformation, due in December 2021, explores this situation. We are bombarded with information, opinions, viewpoints, and words. We drown in ideas, in solutions, in propaganda. There needs to be a TRANSFORMATION from where we are now.

Listen to "Leave me Alone:

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