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Multi-Layered Progressive Metal Act GOD Unveils Epic GOD “IV – Revelation”

Multi-Layered Progressive Metal Act GOD Unveils Epic GOD “IV – Revelation”

Listen to Full Album Stream Today via PopMatters GOD IV – Revelation Available Free of charge on July 14

Enigmatic multi-layered progressive metal act GOD will reveal its latest epic, IV Revelation, completely free of charge, on July 14.

Fans can get a preview of the record today through an exclusive stream courtesy of PopMatters. Listen to GOD IV Revelation at

As with GOD’s three previous releases, musical inspiration is drawn from the Holy Bible, with complex stories expressed through multi-layered instrumental metal.

GOD ‘IV – Revelation’ represents the 22 chapters of the Book of Revelation in the Holy Bible,” the arcane band explains. “The album takes you on a cinematic, thematic, progressive metal journey in many styles of metal from the opening chapter of Revelation, to the fall of Lucifer, the depths of Hell and the Abyss, the antichrist, to judgement and absolute death in the Lake of Fire – The Second Death, to the grandeur of the Messiah, His throne, the Book Of Life and the finality of Eternity itself.”

GOD’s epic sound is captured using three types of bass guitar, one hybrid, and a variety of electric and acoustic guitars. There are no synths employed on any of GOD’s albums.

The motivation behind GOD stems this mysterious sinner’s personal failure to read the Holy Bible fully, instead relying on others’ interpretations and beliefs. “Basically, believing without reading was a failure to the foundation of personal faith,” GOD says. In 2016, the enigmatic musician was called to explore and create as a personal testimony in life till death. GOD’s goal is to release 33 albums before death.

The GOD moniker is not intended to express delusions of grandeur, but rather to use the concept of “inception,” where a small idea propagates into a powerful concept in one’s mind. Using this concept, GOD is simply used as a word, and its interpretations lay in the mind of the listener. Similarly, GOD’s music is a spiritual journey left to listener’s own mind and experience.

Clocking in at a hefty two hours with 22 tracks, GOD IV Revelation musical interpretation of Revelation soars with the same intensity as its literary inspiration.

GOD IV - Revelation track listing:

1. Revelation - 8:04

2. Throne - 6:01

3. Lucifer - 5:08

4. Hell - 8:26

5. Beast - 5:23

6. Humanity's Number - Six Hundred Threescore And Six - 5:27

7. 7 - 7:00

8. 144,000 - 4:16

9. Tribulation - 4:59

10. Repent - 6:18

11. War - 4:15

12. False Prophet - 3:43

13. Antichrist - 4:32

14. Abyss - 11:12

15. Messiah - 4:19

16. Reign - 5:07

17. Judgement - 6:19

18. Book Of Life - 5:09

19. Lake Of Fire - The Second Death - 8:22

20. New Heaven, New Earth, New Jerusalem - 2:50

21. Eternity - 7:20

22. Amen - 3:40 GOD IV Revelation will be available via Bandcamp, CDBaby, Spotify and all other digital music providers. All GOD releases are offered free of charge for the life of the project, but fans may support the project through donations. GOD online:

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