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MY LIFE WITH THE THRILL KILL KULT Announce Release of 'Sinister Whisperz III: The Rykodisc Years'

Gothic-Disco legends MY LIFE WITH THE THRILL KILL KULT have announced the upcoming release of Sinister Whisperz III: The Rykodisc Years, the third installment in their retrospective Sinister Whisperz series. The album features 19 previously unreleased mixes highlighting the band’s time on the Rykodisc label (1997 - 2007). The compilation includes songs from the LP’s A Crime For All Seasons, Dirty Little Secrets, Diamonds & Daggerz, Gay, Black & Married, The Resurrection Of Luna, and The Filthiest Show In Town.

Previous releases in the series are 2011’s Sinister Whisperz: The Wax Trax! Years and 2016’s Sinister Whisperz II: The Interscope Years. All albums are distributed via the band’s label, SleazeBox Records.

Sinister Whisperz III: The Rykodisc Years 1. Girl Without A Planet (Lost Satellite Mix) 2. Fangs Of Love (Bite Me Mix) 3. Freaky Fever (Shake ‘N Bake Mix) 4. Untouchable Class (Scum World Mix) 5. My Kinda Guy (Sex Box Mix) 6. Flesh Star (Ooh Ahh Mix) 7. Young Tongue (All Nighter Mix) 8. Dirty Little Secrets (Lonely Lolita Mix) 9. Jet Set Sex (Runway Mix) 10. Lucifer’s Flowers (Blood Money Mix) 11. Operation: Sextrip (Pluto’s Mix) 12. Magic Boy Magic Girl (oXY Mix) 13. Blondes With Lobotomy Eyes (Kandi Kiss Mix) 14. Cadillac Square (Two 4 One Mix) 15. Dope Doll Jungle (Hi Fi Mix) 16. Seduction 23 (Kool Sweat Mix) 17. Covergirl Blues (Return To Tomorrow Mix) 18. Sci - Fi Affair (Pinot Noir Mix) 19. Hard, Fast & Beautiful (Hellza Poppin’ Mix)

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