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My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult is a band that defies all that society considers normal. This is a good thing. Their latest release is titled ‘In The House Of Strange Affairs’ it is a funky album which embodies what every fan loves about this band. They have been around since 1988, hailing from Chicago, IL the band found Wax Trax! Records were very intrigued by their music. This is what began as a long journey which continues today. 

Franke Nardiello, (aka Groovie Mann) and Marston Daley (aka Buzz McCoy) are extremely talented and have great chemistry. There is also BOMB GANG GIRLZ who make-up the backup. They are a fantastic show and good music. 

The single “Treat Street” is a song that begins slowly with a good beat. It sounds almost futuristic. It picks up a few beats in. The use of keyboards, drums, and guitar is an interesting mix to complete this song erotic nature. This is a great song to dance to! Its sensual sounds will make anyone feeling good. There is what this band brings to music which is unique, it is a little spoken word, sometimes from B-movies and other times from other entertainment. This song is good and should be listened to. 

Another track on the album is “It’s Me Holly”, it picks up right off the start. It does have a heavy electronic feel reminiscent of the early eighties new wave. It does have lyrics are gritty and some spoken word that will make it feel like it is a movie rather than a song. This is a unique way to present music. This is a song that grooves.

“Hanging Hearts” will make one cry. It is one that will have one wanting more and more. There is a bass line that is subtle and suits the overall feeling of the song. It uses drums that will melt one’s heart. Its melody is hauntingly beautiful. Its lyrics are creepy in a way that isn’t creepy. They are thought provoking. Anyone that has been through a break-up will like this song.

The final track is “Am I Dead” and it is a nice way to end the album. The synthesis on this track are spectacular. An eerie song that has the most beautiful piano with its lowkey approach to making it heard. This is the song to sway to. 

Per usual, TKK has out done itself with originality. This phenomenal album is one that dreams are made of, a little dirty and a lot of good. The sexual innuendos are noticeable. It is a sexy album, it is a good album, it will get anyone in the mood for fun. They are out on the road, check them out, no disappointment.

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