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Mynas re-releases acclaimed debut album ‘Fear The Slave’

Mynas re-releases acclaimed debut album ‘Fear The Slave’

The Americans of Mynas make available on all digital platforms the re-release of the acclaimed album ‘Fear The Slave’, fully remastered. Mynas created their own formula, using Melodic Death Metal and a bit of Thrash Metal, a mix that really worked and made the band stand out in the Nevada underground scene.

“Fear the slave, a view of the world from the perspective of relentless self-conflict, reinvention, destruction and rebirth. Each song has its own identity. Taking the listener through an immersive and diverse experience”, announces the band.

The re-release of 'Fear The Slave' is a remastering of the original material and a modern version of the album that introduced Mynas to the world.

Listen 'Fear The Slave' HERE.

Mynas - Standing Still

Mynas was born in Las Vegas, Nevada and since early 2015 has become synonymous with the city's underground metal scene. Emitting a unique, relentless sound and a reflection of love and dedication to the metal genre.

The band's music is a genuine blend of sounds from traditional to Scandinavian to new metal with influences from: In flames, Slipknot, Metallica, Children of Bodom and The Black Dahlia Murder.

Their goal is to create metal that feels powerful and unique, mixing old school thrash metal with modern, aggressive sounds in the compositions for an unforgettable barrage of heavy music.

Genre: Metal


  1. Scattered Ash

  2. Fear the Slave

  3. Reign

  4. Angelic Descent

  5. Nemesis

  6. Collateral

  7. Man vs Man

Producer: Miles Lanham

Sound engineer: Miles Lanham

Mastering and Mixing: Miles Lanham

Recording studio: Inhuman Studios

Cover Artwork: Mauricio Silva

Photography: Mauricio Silva


Miles Lanham – Vocals and Guitar

Mauricio Silva – Drums

Mark Bazar – Bass

Jeff Pritz - Guitar

For more about MYNAS, visit their official media: SITE, FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM

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