Nacarbide: Release Lyric Video Undisclosed From Their Iron Lotus Album

Nacarbide: Release Lyric Video Undisclosed From Their Iron Lotus Album

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Thailand's Heavy Metaller Nacarbide have just released the lyric video Undisclosed from their second full-length album. The album, Iron Lotus, was released earlier this year. It is heavily influenced by Japanese Metal, NWOBHM, Hair metal and German metal from the 1980s, For fans of the modern sounds like Firewind and Wardrum.


Masa - Guitar

Hassy - Bass

Hiro - Drums

HItomi - Vocals

Nacarbide are a female-fronted Heavy Metal band from Bangkok, Thailand. The band consists of Thai and Japanese members. Their first album, Lots of Eyes, was released 2017. Before their second-album, Iron Lotus, the band also released an EP, Resolution, in 2017.  Nacarbide has played the international metal community initiative Metal United World Wide in Bangkok both years.


Most of music are composed by Masa, written by Hitomi and Hassy.


01. Iron Lotus

02  Run

03. Undisclosed

04. Resolution

05. Dynamis

06. Human Race

07. Eye of a Hawk

08. 前世の約束~Zense no Yakusoku~

09. Advancement

10. Dear Friend

Get your copy of the album at their bands Bandcamp page.

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