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Napalm Records Releases NFT Collection in Cooperation with NIFTEE

The Very First Napalm Records NFT Collection is Available Now! Featuring NFTs from FEUERSCHWANZ, KISSIN' DYNAMITE, LORD OF THE LOST and VISIONS OF ATLANTIS!

Napalm Records breaks new ground with the release of a very special NFT collection in collaboration with NIFTEE. These are non-reproducible, unique digital artworks will be up for auction on in the coming days. Only ONE of each individual band NFT will be available!

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token, and is a protected digital object mostly built on a blockchain. NFT's are thus unique and irreplaceable digital objects, comparable to an original physical painting. It’s their exclusivity that gives them special value. They can stand alone or be offered together with another item.

The first collection will be up for auction beginning November 4, 2021. KISSIN' DYNAMITE marks the beginning of the Napalm Records collection and auction an NFT in the form of an exploding dynamite stick featuring their official band logo. As an exclusive bonus, there will be a golden ticket that serves as a free ticket with an accompanying person for all headline shows of KISSIN' DYNAMITE.


The second NFT will come from German folk rockers FEUERSCHWANZ. One of the most important German folk rock bands out there presents an NFT in the shape of a drinking horn in a treasure chest, accompanied by the hit song "Das Elfte Gebot".


LORD OF THE LOST have established new symbolism since their last and so far most successful album, JUDAS, and so, offer an NFT in pure JUDAS style. The sign, which at first glance appears to be an upside-down cross and at second glance, a J, has become unmistakably linked with the band. The NFT is accompanied by a short sequence of the song "For They Know Not What They Do".

HERE you can bid for the LORD OF THE LOST NFT:

A very special NFT closes the collection – VISIONS OF ATLANTIS are staging their gold record for the hit single "A Life Of Our Own" as an NFT. Together with the NFT, the original physical golden award from 2021 will be auctioned exclusively!

You can find the VISIONS OF ATLANTIS auction HERE:

More Info on Napalm Records:

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