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Nashville Metalcore Agitators CHAMBER Announces New Album, "A Love To Kill For," Coming July 14th

Nashville Metalcore Agitators CHAMBER Announces New Album, "A Love To Kill For," Coming July 14th

Rising Nashville metalcore agitators CHAMBER have announced the band's return this summer with the release of their highly anticipated second full-length record, "A Love To Kill For," that's due out July 14th from Pure Noise Records. Fans can pre-order the album now at CHAMBER is giving fans a taste of the brutal, forthcoming record today with the brand new single titled "Devoured," which is accompanied by the music video seen here: Commenting on "Devoured," the band says: "Devoured' is essentially about people who don’t know when to give up on something. We wrote the whole song at the studio and tried to turn up the extremity in every way possible. Some skeletons for songs on the record were written beforehand, but this one was written in the studio in roughly an hour while we were jamming in the live room. The band's savage new single, follows their tumultuous track, "Tremble," released a few months back. The massive riffs and neck-snapping breakdowns on tracks like "Devoured" and previously released track "Tremble" are a testament to the bands sonic brutality, a heaviness that can also be heard in their lyrical messages of "A Love To Kill For." It’s an album about people getting lost or mired in bullshit, whether that’s addiction or narcissism or selfishness," says guitarist Gabe Manuel. "There are all sorts of ways the people you love can fail you in search of themselves, and ways people don’t come back from that.

"A Love To Kill For" Tracklisting:

1. Chamber

2. Retribution

3. At My Hands

4. Tremble

5. To Die In The Grips Of Poison

6. One Final Sacrifice

7. We Followed You To The Bitter End

8. Our Beauty Decayed, Nothing Was Left

9. Devoured

10. When Deliverance Comes

11. Mirror

12. Cyanide Embrace

13. A Love To Kill For

14. Hopeless PortraitAbout CHAMBER:

Hailed by Kerrang! as “a baptism of fire, one that will thrill, bruise and possibly disgust,” the debut album from CHAMBER, "Cost Of Sacrifice," was a lesson in blunt-force brutality. The Pure Noise Records LP elevated the Nashville-based metalcore quartet to new levels of the underground, earning them a stamp of approval from tastemakers like Revolver and BrooklynVegan as well as slots on tours with the likes of Wage War, Eighteen Visions, Counterparts and Kublai Khan.

On CHAMBER's follow up, "A Love To Kill For," the sophomore Pure Noise album from guitarist Gabe Manuel, vocalist Jacob Lilly, bassist Chris Smith and drummer Taylor Carpenter aim for a faster, louder, more chaotic and unpredictable sound than ever before. All these elements have been fundamental parts of Chamber’s ear-rattling sound since the group formed in the tight-knit Nashville scene in 2017, but they’ve never been so confident and soul-shaking as they are now.

Produced by longtime collaborator Randy LeBoeuf (The Acacia Strain, Gideon) over the course of a month in New Jersey, "A Love To Kill For" follows 2022’s surprise "Carved In Stone" EP and is, unsurprisingly, reflective of the time period in which the band created it – a fraught, turbulent moment in the history of the modern world with unprecedented trickle-down and turmoil, prolonged periods of disconnection and isolation that allowed for existential reflection and detours into destructive behavior.

These are heavy topics begetting heavier songs, swerving in techy, math-rock brilliance, rabid tempos and unrelenting antipathy that swirl into a genre-fluid rage. First single “Tremble” sets the musical mission statement for the record – blistering riffs that give way to tremorous breakdowns and grooves alike – while “Devoured” and “To Die In The Grip Of Poison” feature ear-shattering cameos from Kublai Khan’s Matt Honeycutt and Boundaries’ Matt McDougal, respectively, that could soundtrack the most devastating Mortal Kombat fatalities.

By the time things let up for a brief breath during the cinematic title track, it’s clear the band have hit another gear, raising the bar on what’s possible for dextrous metal and hardcore while leaving the future open wide for future evolutions of their musical brutality. That’s bad news for others looking to plant their flag in the heavy music landscape, but a win for those lucky enough to experience Chamber’s harrowing live show.

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