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Necralant - Temples Of Ruin - (Black / Death Metal)

Necralant - "Temples Of Ruin" (Black / Death Metal)

Necralant 's second album, " Temples of Ruin ", is a deeper, darker look into the great abyss of black/death metal, unveiling and evoking the Black Flame of the Left Hand Path and it's mysteries. Featuring seven new hymns of blackened metal mysticism and ritualistic poetry, the listener is sure to be captured by the macabre rhythms, haunting melodies and hellish beckoning of this sophomore offering.

Nolan - all instruments

Mictain - vocals

All music and lyrics written by Nolan Harold

Mixed, mastered and produced by Marc Vray Jr

Brought to you by Upside Underground Productions

Check out the video!

1. Serpent's Return 04:09

2. Cursed Visions 03:13

3. The Procession 02:52

4. Dwell Within the Flesh 05:15

5. Diabolic Conception 04:30

6. As We Wander 03:17

7. Temples of Ruin 04:31

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