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New ORPLID album "Deus Vult" out today

New ORPLID album "Deus Vult" out today

The new ORPLID album "Deus Vult" is hitting the stores today. The German neofolk masterpiece has been highly anticipated by the duos' many followers.  ORPLID are the lyrical and musical embodiment of the German neofolk scene. With their eyes firmly on the past, the duo consisting of poet and singer Uwe Nolte as well as composer and multi-instrumentalist Frank Machau joined forces in 1996 in the Eastern German town of Halle at the river Saale. ORPLID band pictures and other graphic materials are available at this link: 

ORPLID "Deus Vult" 'Deus Vult' is now also streaming in full on YouTube at the link below.


01. Ouvertüre

02. Abend loht über dem Tale

03. ...

04. Jan Palach

05. Madonna von Stalingrad

06. Dunkle Stunde

07. Ich sah dich Flöte spielen

08. ...

09. Tamara Bunke

10. Ich bin!

11. Purpurne Stimmen

12. ...

13. Bald kommt der Krieg in dein Haus

14. Sommer ging verirrt, geheim

15. ...

16. Deutschland 2016

17. Das Abendland

18. Cortez

"Deus Vult" (Latin: “As God wills”), the infamous motto of the Christian knights, sometimes used to justify ghastly massacres, originates from the First Crusade in 1096. ORPLID chose this motto deliberately as the title of their seventh full-length to illustrate a prominent motive running through their work: fighting and dying for a cause. Inspired by dramatic life stories throughout history regardless of origin or ideology, Uwe Nolte composed poems about Czech student Jan Palach, who torched himself in protest against the Soviet occupation, communist revolutionary Tamara Bunke as well as the Evangelical minister and physician Kurt Reuber, who painted the famous "Stalingrad Madonna" during World War II. Musically, ORPLID once again demonstrate their wide range of influences and modes of expression that go beyond the artistic shackles many Neofolk outfits are content to wear. As if to stress this point, the East Germans invited Katrin Lindner, an iconic rock singer in the former German Democratic Republic, to contribute her voice on the track 'Dunkle Stunde' and implemented neoclassical elements via pulsing electronics. Completed by an almost gothic reinterpretation of their own classic 'Das Abendland', the album also features a cover of Neil Young's 1975 masterpiece 'Cortez the Killer', another statement of intent: "The song is about greed and what happens if we forget what is inherent in us", Nolte points out. "The present time suffers from alienation – and we are the antidote!" Release date: September 25th Pre-sale link: Line-up

Frank Machau - music, composition, vocals

Uwe Nolte - lyrics, vocals, concept Style: Neofolk ORPLID on Facebook: Label: Auerbach Tonträger / Prophecy Productions Available formats Deus Vult is available as a hardcover CD book (18x18cm, 60 pages) and on vinyl - exclusively as part of the 12LP box set Legatum. Legatum (Latin: "Legacy") is the title of a massive wooden box set with 12 LPs including Orplid’s entire discography, with the majority of works released on vinyl for the first time ever. It contains all of the group's five studio albums, including their new work Deus Vult, and all EPs, alongside 16 (!) additional tracks, partly rare (compilation contributions, bonus tracks), partly unreleased. ► Legatum collectors' edition wooden box set

► Hardcover CD book

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