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New Remix EP // Icelandic songwriter - Ragnar Ægir

Featuring tracks by Azure Blue, Harald Björk & Philipp Krätzer the remixes range from techno style production to neon ’80s inspired synths and a lo-fi/pop style take on the original single “I’m At Home”. The EP also features a stunning, raw unplugged version.

With hundreds of thousands of streams for his music to date and an ever-growing fanbase, Ragnar has garnered acclaim from the likes of Earmilk and Variance to name but a few!

Listen here

Ragnar Ægir is an Icelandic songwriter who uses creative outlets to keep his body and mind at peace, maybe inspiring one or two people along the way. Celebrating 200k Spotify streams for his first 3 singles, the Icelandic cinematic pop maestro is unveiling the “I’m At Home” Remixes EP featuring remixes by Azure Blue, Harald Björk & Philipp Krätzer.

Teaming up with Stockholm based Azure Blue, perhaps one of Sweden's most prolific and talented indie pop musicians, his refined synth pop-driven music has over 5 million streams, including different collaborations within the Nordic indie-pop community. With a shared passion for audio production, vintage synths and piano sample libraries, the pair discussed a remix for Ragnar’s single “I’m At Home”. Blue created an 80’s electro vibe with his remix, with bursts of oscillating synths and a power surge of drums, the track has a nostalgic filter over the original single, accompanied by touches of haunting backing cries laced in a holy feel.

Stockholm based artist Harald Björk also entered the fold, known for his emotional form of melodic minimal techno with a melancholic Scandinavian touch.

Björk took to Techno; having a similar connection of the 80’s/90’s through the underground nightlife, he sculpted his version. With smooth synths and a profound kick beat, the track builds gradually leading into a drop with a huge electro-horn sound posing as a bass. This track switches up the structure more than Azure Blue’s keeping the sensibilities of the original.

Finally Ragnar reached out to long time friend Philipp Krätzer, who produced and mixed the original version of “I’m At Home”. The Rostock based producer and multi-instrumentalist blends sample drums, live instruments and heartfelt melodies, making waves with plans to charge onto the chill music scene with his 2021 releases. Krätzer’s remix is described best by Ragnar as “an incredible mashup of perfectly executed quartet strings, chill trip-hop beat and the core melodic elements of the original track”. Featuring muffled vocals and a lo-fi element, the remix is doused in angelic orchestral sections, with the affecting production mirroring the stunning landscape of Ragnar’s homeland.

Ragnar shares, “Overall, the whole project from the original release and its music video; to all the remixes, have been a blast. Working with a really diverse team of expert musicians has been such a joyful experience in all aspects, and it’s been great watching all the parts fall into place. I am super thankful for their friendship and trust enabling us to work together.”

With hundreds of thousands of streams for his music to date, an ever-growing fanbase, as well as recognition from publications around the world, Ragnar Ægir is quickly becoming an artist to watch. “I’m At Home” is the title-track off of the forthcoming debut EP, which will be released on Raun Music at the end of 2021.

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