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Nitro Zeus: Debut EP i.anomaly Out Now

After releasing their single All Fail on 1 March, the alternative rockers from Brisbane, Australia, released their debut EP i.anomaly on 15 March. The EP brings a diverse range of styles and emotions with 3 new tracks (plus bonus tracks) including the single All Fail. i.anomaly was recorded in 2018 at Studio Truth and produced by Tyson Ruth. i.anomaly blends the sounds and visuals of Nitro Zeus to form the beginning of a narrative which stretches across a variety of media.

With influences from classic rock via Japanese alternative rock to Swedish death metal – Nitro Zeus brings their stories to life with dynamic songs, layered lyrics in an abomination of blues, hard rock metal and prog.


Nitro Zeus - i.anomaly (Teaser Video)


Nitro Zeus EP - i.anomaly

Track List

1 – All Fail 2 – LTES 3 – Sweet Sanity -Bonus Tracks- 4 – The Crawls of Parliament 5 – Augment

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