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NIGHT CROWNED Releases Brand New Album! "Hädanfärd" Out Now on Noble Demon

Melodic overtones, symphonic terror and above all unremitting exhilaration from start to finish!

Powerplay, UK (9/10)


Metal Hammer, DE (5/7)

NIGHT CROWNED put on the black metal crown with their gigantic album Hädanfärd! (10/10)

Praised by fans and critics alike for their outstanding 2020 debut album (Impius Viam_), Sweden's NIGHT CROWNED have unleashed the hotly anticipated & worthy successor, titled *Hädanfärd_*!

With nine tracks spanning over 45 minutes, the band's brand new full-length record is an intoxicating blend of uncompromising blackened death metal, symphonic arrangements and bleak & mesmerizing soundscapes. No surprise here, since the band's line-up consists of well experienced extreme metal veterans, featuring former and current members of legendary acts such as Dark Funeral, Nightrage and Cipher System!

Thematically inspired by a story by singer K. Romlin, which deals with encounters with death, Hädanfärd is an infernal, bleak monolith of an album, one that will most likely see NIGHT CROWNED step out as one of Sweden's best kept blackened death metal secrets.

Vocalist K. Romlin states: "What we made is not just an album, it is a story. A story that has no beginning, nor end. A story that is as old as time itself. This is a story about life given & life taken, this is the tale when I meet death."

But enough of words, listen and be amazed by the epic track "Nattkrönt", streaming here:

Hädanfärd is out now via Noble Demon and available for purchase HERE

Limited merch bundles with the cover art shirt in various sizes together with either the new digipak of Hädanfärd or black vinyl, orange or ghost silver marble color, are available HERE



2.Rex Tenebrae


4.Ett Gravfäst Öde


6.Gudars Skymning

7.Människans Förfall

8.Grått & Ödelagt



K. Romlin – Vocals

J. Jaloma – Drums

J. Eskilsson – Lead Guitar

H. Liljesand – Bass, Guitar, Keys

Find Night Crowned online:

Find NOBLE DEMON online:

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