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Norwegian band Norsk Råkk release music video of "Millioner av Sandkorn"

Norwegian band Norsk Råkk release music video of "Millioner av Sandkorn"

Norsk Råkk is releasing «Millioner av Sandkorn» (Millions of Grains of Sand) as the next music video. This is especially to all the bands non Norwegian speaking fans around the globe. It’s a beautiful hand drawn text video with lyrics translated into English by Heather Fuglevik.

Millioner av Sandkorn (Millions of Grains of Sand) is from latest album «Balansekunstnere» which was released October 2020 when the second wave of Covid19 hit Norway and cut most of Norsk Råkk’s touring and promo plans short. «Balansekunstnere» is an album the band is very proud of and that’s why the band now choose to give the songs from that album some much needed love and attention.

Musically, it’s unmistakable as Norsk Råkk’s signature sound. Easy and rhythmic guitar, driven by a strong drum and bass section. Topped off by a playful and engrossing brass arrangement. This is a track that oozes holiday, free time, and summer. We are part of a special time where we have to celebrate a little differently in Norway. With this song on your walkman, you can travel to a holiday destination with sandy beaches, tequila, and mariachi trumpets.

In a world dominated by english language music, the band has a clear goal: To produce good rock with Norwegian lyrics. Hence the name, Norsk Råkk. Balansekunstnere is available digitally and on cassette and vinyl, with a limited number pressed on green vinyl. The cover is a gorgeous centerfold that includes the lyrics to all of the songs on the album. Lyrics are written by the band’s vocalist and bassist, Torstein Eriksen. The record is produced by Jørn Christensen, and released on Fucking North Pole Records. Norsk Råkk’s mission statement is all about playing and delivering rock with their horn section being central in the picture. Balansekunstnere is a great example that shows they have more to offer than only ska/punk related material. The audience can expect a lot of variation and other types of musicality going forward from Norsk Råkk.

Listen to «Millioner av Sandkorn»:

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