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Notorious Pirates YE BANISHED PRIVATEERS to Release New Christmas Album + Reveal Holiday Shanty

Notorious Pirates YE BANISHED PRIVATEERS Release Holiday Shanty “Sulphur Ahoy” + New Video | Watch HERE!

New Christmas Album A Pirate Stole My Christmaswill be released December 3, 2021 | Pre-Order NOW!

[photo credit: Samuel Pettersson]

Yo ho ho… ho! Notorious fabled folk rockers YE BANISHED PRIVATEERS have gathered under the Christmas tree to gift their devoted crew something swashbucklingly special this holiday season! The band is thrilled to reveal a brand new full-length album of pirate-packed Christmas favorites – A Pirate Stole My Christmas, out December 3, 2021 – interpreted in a way only your favorite Swedish scallywags could!

Get a hearty first heaping of A Pirate Stole My Christmas with first shanty “Sulphur Ahoy” – setting a cozy yet spooky mood for the yuletide season. You landlubbers better not miss this one – yarrrrr!


“In our song “Sulphur Ahoy“, we were running out of space on the album, and managed to slay two traditional carols with one stone. By stealing from the original works of “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” and “Pat-a-pan” we tell the story of a fatigued group of freedom fighters trying to get a good night’s rest before a deadly battle. The only problem is that, armed with drums and bagpipes, two assholes of the army musicians try to wake everyone up to have the whole crew join them in a last night of drunken debauchery.“

Watch the new music video for “Sulphur Ahoy“ HERE:

YE BANISHED PRIVATEERS deck the hulls with 11 swashbuckling Christmas shanties!

´Tis the jolliest of seasons! Swedish sea dogs YE BANISHED PRIVATEERS have come a’rowing through rough seas and salty winds to steal Christmas in the most swashbuckling of ways. Wrapped in the swag of pirate folk rock, the newly interpreted, grim covers of beloved Christmas classics on A Pirate Stole My Christmas draw the listener into a dark underworld of blood and bones! YE BANISHED PRIVATEERS put their shanty and pirate folk-infused spin on Christmas tunes like “Twelve Days Of Christmas” and the captivating album opener “Ring The Bells”. The well-known classic “Oh Christmas Tree” gets a new coat of paint when YE BANISHED PRIVATEERS re-word it to “O Cannonball” - most definitely making Christmas Eve a special occasion for the most beautiful time of the year.


“If given enough time, every artist will eventually lose their last ounce of self-respect, and release a Christmas album. YE BANISHED PRIVATEERS are no strangers to self-loathing commercial stunts, and with our new album - A Pirate Stole my Christmas, we aim to officially join the ranks of Christmas legends such as Maria Carey and Bing Crosby. Our album is compiled of 11 classic carols defiled into an unrecognizable pulp of rum-drenched atonal pirate madness. If you didn't hate Christmas before, this is certain to change your mind!”

Get your copy NOW!

A Pirate Stole My Christmastrack listing:

1. Ring the Bells

2. It Came to Bloody Pass

3. Deck and Hull

4. 12 Days of Christmas

5. Sulphur Ahoy

6. Little Rummer Boy

7. O Cannonball

8. Festival Days

9. Drawn and Quartered

10. Carol of Bellows

11. Away in the Gutter

A Pirate Stole My Christmas will be available in the following formats:

-CD Sleevepack

-1LP Gatefold Brick Red

-1LP Gatefold Brick Red + Signed Postcard (Napalm EU/RoW Mailorder only)

-Digital Album


Nobility - cembalo, pump organ, miniature piano and almond presents

Quinton Taljenblock - viola pomposa, fiddle, mandoline, hurdy gurdy and main chopper of the sloppy bells

Mr Bellows - squeezebox, crankbox and boxed presents

Eva the Navigator - violin, vocals and salt cured leg of lamb

Freebird af Wærmaland - violin, viola, vocals and wassailing

Monkey Boy - glühwein keg drum, naughty vocals and mixed floggables

Ina "Battery" Molin - glockenspiel, eggnog and pompous percussion

Wan Chou Zhong - obnoxious string drum, huge oriental fruit thing with strings and spices for the season

Silent Jim - mandolino, mandolino basso, cinnamon mead-drenched rambling and forced half merry singing

Magda Malvina Märlprim - blood-stained lute guitar, cherry vocals and prettifying with poisonous plants

Scurvy Ben - cajón, spicy percussions and lingering aimlessly whilst vocalizing various throat sounds

Meat Stick Nick - small bass, big bass, long tube bass and pickled herring

Quartermaster Blackpowder Pyte - peculiar proclamations, choir boy caroling and unorderly drunken revelry

Old Red - them thick, them thin and them tinsel strings

Landmark - percussion, marching drum and figgy pudding

Filthylocks - fipple pipes and mince pie

Shameless Will - vocals, vanity, profanity, coin snatching, coat turning and Abbot of Unreason

Bojtikken - heaven sent vocals, timbrell, loud cymbals and snow angels


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