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NYC's Kore Rozzik Ventures Through Pandemic with New Music Video “Guilty As Charged”

NYC's Kore Rozzik Ventures Through Pandemic with New Music Video “Guilty As Charged” Album "Vengeance Overdrive" (Cleopatra Records) Out Now!

Photo credit: Emmy Susani

Kore Rozzik, “The Bastard Child of NYC” is known for over-the-top theatrical videos and the next one 'Guilty As Charged' certainly keeps up Rozzik’s rockstar reputation, albeit it is more simplistic and gives the viewer more time to focus on the melodies in the song and the range in his voice.

Kore Rozzik comments: "We are very happy to release this final video in support of 'Vengeance Overdrive'. It wraps up the whole story and we really wanted to bring our fans something to enjoy during quarantine from this unfortunate Covid pandemic. To our fans in NYC and worldwide - stay safe." Touring with Nita Strauss (Alice Cooper) last year, the leather-clad Kore Rozzik blew up stages across North America with immense stage presence and well woven, catchy songs. 'Guilty As Charged' comes from the 2018 debut album “Vengeance Overdrive” (Cleopatra Records), a concept record with a narrative following a character that Kore Rozzik personifies with his alter ego “The Bastard Child of NYC”. A story of an outcast who returns to claim their throne, but dredged in a fantastical horror setting, the resurgence of theatrical metal has begun. For fans of Alice Cooper, Avatar and Disturbed; Kore Rozzik is perfect for those who enjoy gritty clean vocals, well-placed guitar solos, and catchy choruses. "Vengeance Overdrive" is available from Cleopatra Records here, along with stream and download on Spotify, Bandcamp and Apple Music.

Previous Music Videos: 'Mistress'

Can't Stop Won't Stop'

Track Listing: 1. Come Take A Ride 2. Vengeance Overdrive 3. Found You Online 4. Mistress 5. Unidentified Caller 6. Bitter Rat 7. Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop 8. Now You’ll Pay 9. Spellbound 10. Backstage At Gramercy 11. Dirty Little Secret 12. Guilty As Charged For more info: About: Commonly known as “The Bastard Child Of NYC” – Kore Rozzik represents the new rock star for today’s generation. After playing and organizing many productions in the big apple- the band began touring and making festival appearances in 2016. Recently touring with OTEP nationally in support of their debut record “Vengeance Overdrive” (Cleopatra Records) The band is slated to release a handful of new music videos and radio singles in 2019. Pushing an anti-establishment /by any means necessary theme it hits a nerve with fans and music lovers alike who have aspired to pursue their dreams despite the politics of the world.

The debut record-Vengeance Overdrive is a concept record dressed in a fantasy/horror setting that showcases Kore Rozzik as “The Bastard Child of NYC”.- A notorious underdog artist who becomes blacklisted from the NYC music scene only to return mysteriously to silence the doubters and take his place at the top of the music food chain. Inspired by John Carpenter, Alice Cooper, and Disturbed -This eclectic record comes at the perfect time with the recent resurgence of theatrical rock/metal hitting the states(Ghost and Avatar).

For fans of hard rock/ metal and horror movies Vengeance was produced by the talented production team Westfall studios in NYC. Kore Rozzik has previously worked with the likes of Virus (Dope), Paul Bento (Carnivore) and has made on-stage appearances with Bobaflex and Steel Panther.

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