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Oceanhoarse Premieres Brand New Lyric Video for "Reaching Skywards"!

[Photo by Arto Lindén]

Helsinki-based Heavy Fucking Metal (patent pending!) group Oceanhoarse have released their new single "Reaching Skywards" today. With its in-your-face metal riffing, 90's style psychedelia and astral beauty of the chorus, this is quite possibly the most versatile Oceanhoarse song to date.

"'Reaching Skywards' is my favorite track from our upcoming album” drummer Oskari Niemi announces. “It kicks off with some eardrum-slapping metal before the verse brings a dose of funk to your afternoon, and finally the chorus lifts you up into the skies. This has to be the most twisted combination of grooves so far in our catalog! I rarely get emotional, but Joonas' (Kosonen, vocals) screams in the second half of the song always give me chills."

"It's a never-ending source of amazement to me how some people have no issues exploiting others and watch the world burn around them while they keep getting wealthier and more powerful. There's nothing scarier than inhumanity and lack of compassion. I find myself leaning towards these topics time and again when writing lyrics” guitarist Ben Varon continues.

Watch the lyric video for "Reaching Skywards" here:

Oceanhoarse have amassed an impressive two million plus streams on Spotify alone, and all this before their first studio album has even been released. The band's previous single "One With the Gun" was released in late February, and has already hit the 100 000 stream mark.

"Dead Reckoning", the group's first studio album (Oceanhoarse released a live album The Damage is Done – LIVE! last year, recorded on their first European tour) will be released on August 20th through Noble Demon and is now available for pre-save and pre-order HERE

Upcoming Oceanhoarse shows:

16.–17.07.2021 –Turku Rockpark, Turku

13.–14.08.2021 –North of Hell, Oulu

27.10.2021 Telakka, Helsinki (w/ Bloodred Hourglass, MyGrain, Mors Subita)

26.12.2021 Hoarsefest 2021, On the Rocks, Helsinki (w/ Shereign, Thy Row)




3.Betrayed by Light

4.One With The Gun

5.Reaching Skywards

6.Fields of Severed Dreams


8.The Intruder

9.Fight For Tomorrow

10.From Hell to Oblivion


12.Dead Reckoning

13.The Damage

14.Fading Neons

For Oceanhoarse online:

Find NOBLE DEMON online:

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