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Official Music Video for Viral K-pop Smash “Lucky Cat” Released by DRMAGDN Cyborg Drummer/DJ

Official Music Video for Viral K-pop Smash “Lucky Cat” Released by DRMAGDN Cyborg Drummer/DJ

An official video for “Lucky Cat,” viral K-pop smash DRMAGDN Cyborg Drummer/DJ, is available today.

Watch the video now at

“Lucky Cat” is the first single from DRMAGDN Cyborg Drummer/DJ’s upcoming debut album, aptly titled Escape From NYC. The song literally came to him complete in a dream three years ago. In the dream, it went massively viral, had its own dance, and came at a time of real human need - which is right now.

DRMAGDN says, The whole process was surreal. I have never been given an entire song complete in a dream with melody, lyrics and even a dance that went viral around the world before. I met K-pop singer Josephine Cho at another session I was producing. When she started singing, I was shocked cause it was literally the voice from my dream. I had another deja vu flashback to the second half of my dream when the worldwide shutdown happened because the song came at a time of massive human need. So, I bumped my song ‘RIOT!’ to be released on June 5 and fast tracked ‘Lucky Cat’ for a May release. The song is currently almost to the one million total view/play mark across all socials and streaming services since being released a month ago. I am excited to finally drop the fun viral music video.”

“Lucky Cat” - DRMAGDN ft. Josephine Cho has  total combined views/plays of 835,000+ in just a month since the release. It is considered a Big Trend on TikTok with 635,000+ views, plus has garnered 55,000+ views on YouTube, 21,000+ Spotify plays, 12,500+ Spotify monthly listeners, 121,000+ SoundCloud plays and 5,000+ “Likes”/shares across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. The song has been placed on 30+ Spotify playlists and is now on major label Sony Music’s FILTR Emerging Electronic playlist.

The song is a catchy female K-Pop EDM hit available in five Asian languages and English. It features Korean pop Singer Josephine Cho and was mastered by Huntley Miller (Grammy for Zedd's "Clarity" Record and Lizzo) with mix consulting by Johnny Nice (Rihanna's "Umbrella" and Evanescence). Additional keyboards by Plastic Cannon/Alan Markley (Maggie Rogers and Ramin Karmiloo) and lead “meow” vocals by Sophia Angelica (singer/songwriter/activist). All other production, songwriting, keys, programming, drums and mixing by DRMAGDN Cyborg Drummer/DJ aka Charlie Zeleny.

DRMAGDN gave $100 to charity on the day of the release to start things off ($50 to Mount Sinai’s Coronavirus Fund and $50 to friend Chris Rybin’s Kidney Transplant Fund). He also donated $3,500+ worth of medical supplies he found in storage to Elmhurst Hospital in Queens, New York.

Lucky Cat - DRMAGDN - Official Music Video - YouTube: Lucky Cat - DRMAGDN - Official Lyric Video - YouTube: Lucky Cat - DRMAGDN - Official Audio Stream - YouTube: Lucky Cat - DRMAGDN - Spotify: Jess Belkin (American Horror Story Actress & 1.1 million followers): Kelly Edelman (Eyeinspired Artist & 2.2 million followers): Kristin Farina & Brett Maverick (NBC’s World of Dance & 1 million followers):

Alexi Hamilton (EDM Shuffler & 386k followers): Ruben Fernandez (Latino Silly Skits & 288k followers): Wiwi Adorno (Telemundo TV Host & 192k followers): Lisa Mao (L’Oreal Hair Model & 69k followers): Disney Princess Elsa From Frozen (PrincessesOfThe417 & 58k followers):

Original Dance Done By Sophia Angelica (Lead Meow On The Song): DRMAGDN TikTok (Drum Solo On A Plant To Lucky Cat): Instagram Post Donating $3,500+ Of Medical Supplies To A NYC Hospital Plus A $100 Worth Of Cash Donations: Connect with DRMAGDN here:

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