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Oklahoma-based ANTI-MORTEM Returns to Action with New Single, “STFU,” Available Today

Oklahoma-based ANTI-MORTEM Returns to Action with New Single, “STFU,” Available Today

Two Oklahoma Release Parties Scheduled for this Weekend

For the Romo brothers, vocalist Rado and guitarist Nevada, the time is now, and the duo is here to prove it with today’s arrival of ANTI-MORTEM’s second single, “STFU,” following a short hiatus.

“STFU” follows on the heels of ANTI-MORTEM’s first single,” Old Washita,” but takes a much heavier approach than the gritty, groove metal heard on the previous track.

“‘STFU’ is an all-out, hard-hitting push forward with no BS riffs and straight to the point vocals,” says Rado Romo. “Our anger and frustration are driven by current events and the vibes of today’s political climate. We waste no time slamming the hammer down with this heavy hitter.”

Though hailing from the small town of Chickasha, OK, ANTI-MORTEM is no stranger to the spotlight. In 2012, while still in their teens, the young band began turning heads throughout the heavy metal genre when they released their critically acclaimed, debut album, New Southern, via Nuclear Blast. While on tour in support of the album, ANTI-MORTEM shared the stage with a laundry list of well-known bands, including Black Label Society, Machine Head, Lacuna Coil and Monster Magnet, gaining valuable experience and industry knowledge along the way. But the pressures of life on the road as a major label recording artist began to take its toll, and like many of young bands that find success early on in their careers, ANTI-MORTEM eventually succumbed to internal strife and musical differences just as they began finding their way. It seemed like the dream was over before it ever started.

During the hiatus, Nevada and Rado each fed their musical appetites by putting out solo material, as well being permanent members of Texas Hippie Coalition, allowing them to stay active on tour and in the studio.

After a return to the stage in the winter of 2018, armed with an arsenal of experience from their early success, the message is clear: ANTI-MORTEM is back for round two…older, wiser and battle tested. With a retooled lineup consisting of Timmy “The Hitman” Braun (Texas Hippie Coalition, Rikets) on drums, Coleby Thompson (Nine Left Dead) on bass and Arik Hanradton (Signs of Lies) on guitar, ANTI-MORTEM has their sights set on picking up right where they left off.

ANTI-MORTEM will celebrate the release of “STFU” with two shows in their native Oklahoma this weekend: Friday, September 11 at Bubba’s Brewhouse in Durant, and Saturday, September 12 at the Shrine in Tulsa.


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