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ONCE HUMAN Releases Riveting New Video "Cold Arrival"

ONCE HUMAN Releases Riveting and Heartfelt New Video "Cold Arrival"

Watch HERE!

From the Upcoming SCAR WEAVER Out February 11, 2022 on Ear Music

Photo: Jeremy Saffer

ONCE HUMAN is just coming back from their long awaited tour in US with CRADLE OF FILTH and the new video/single "Cold Arrival" is their gift to the fans joining them in those crazy times on that tour! With “Cold Arrival” ONCE HUMAN release their third single from the upcoming new studio album Scar Weaver, hitting the streets on February 11, 2022 on ear Music. The song is written in memory of a friend of the band.

Here is a quote from Max Karon: "In the beginning of the pandemic, we as a band lost someone very near and dear to us. Being around Jared was our mutual tether to healthy habits and personal empowerment. He was personable, fun, and a constant source of wisdom. To us, he felt like a permanent, immutable fixture in our lives. He left us suddenly and without warning. These last eighteen months have been a solemn reminder that the lives we lead and the people we know are not immortal. The acknowledgment of that harsh reality is 'Cold Arrival'." -

The video for "Cold Arrival" was shot on the Lustmord and Tourgasm tour in October 2021 and was directed and edited by Thomas Crane of KillDevil Films. It features additional fan footage.

ONCE HUMAN’s Scar Weaver album, pieced together over the last two years, represents a massive step forward for the band. Blessed (or perhaps cursed) with plenty of additional time during the last year’s lockdown situation, the band has been able to refine and redefine their sound, inspired by a sudden creative surge from latest recruit Max Karon. The result is a gloriously idiosyncratic modern metal record, with Hart’s career-best vocal performance as just one of its dazzling revelations. With ONCE HUMAN’s most intense and explosive music to work with, the singer has pushed herself to new heights, showcasing a vastly expanded vocal range in the process.

Presave now: "Cold Arrival":

Scar Weaver (album presale all formats) :

"Cold Arrival"

Lyrics (by Lauren Hart):

I ran so blind Into the blades of your life

Gray and disguised

And peeled my eyes

As they unfurled

The colors of your world cut like a knife

Open wide

Lesions unhealed absorbed the atmosphere

And killed your fight

Prism inside, crushed in two

Devours light with you

Cold arrival

Cold arrival

Sun on your face is gone and haunting me

All of the ways that you’d alleviate

Your heart, your head

Dawn in the dark

Oh, you radiate part of the soul that won't let you fade away



Cauterize the vein of memory

That suffocates mirth of final days

In crimson lakes

Unearth the cage of my chest

To bury you to rest

There is no fight anymore, no

Thought it would be a battle

Not a war

Let go of why you’re in a hole

I know to hold on

To who you were before

Cold Arrival

My visions, strong in my denial

It’s so vicious when young life expires

Still picture, wrong frame of mind

I know to hold on

To who you were before


Album Release: February 11th 2022 on Ear Music

Formats: ltd. colored vinyl, black vinyl, digipak-CD & digital


Formed in 2014, ONCE HUMAN have steadily established themselves as one of the most distinctive and destructive metal bands of the modern era. Founded by guitarist Logan Mader (ex-Machine Head) and vocalist Lauren Hart, the LA-based quintet have had noses to the grindstone throughout their existence, exhibiting a tireless dedication to live performance and a meticulous approach to capturing their crushing anthems for posterity.

Over the course of two full-length albums – 2015’s widely hailed debut The Life I Remember, and 2017’s conceptual tour-de-force EvolutionONCE HUMAN have pursued a militantly individual path, eschewing contemporary cliché in favour of a versatile and sinewy new strain of brutal but accessible metal, with Lauren’s coruscating vocals providing an endlessly emotive and humane focal point.

Four years on from their last album, ONCE HUMAN are primed and ready to launch a fresh assault on hearts and ears. With a line-up completed by long-time bassist Damien Rainaud, drummer Dillon Trollope and second guitarist (and now chief riff-writer) Max Karon, the band have mutated into an even more devastating beast, as demonstrated with face-ripping aplomb on the forthcoming album Scar Weaver.

Scar Weaver (album presale all formats) :

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