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One in the Chamber "Reload "EP Review

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

The Canadian rockers, One in the Chamber are back with their sophomore EP Reload, the follow up to their 2018 debut EP I’ve Got Something to Say… Recording the EP at the legendary Phase One studio in Scarborough, Ontario, where the likes of renown Canadian musicians such as Rush, Triumph and Honeymoon Suite, to name a few, have recorded before them; these guys aren’t messing around when it comes to rock n roll. One in the Chamber is made up of a strong quartet of musicians, Mike Biase (Lead Vocals & Guitar), Cecil Eugene (Lead Guitar), Christian Dotto (Bass) and Gerrod Harris (Drums).

A catchy guitar riff starts the EP as the band rip into the opening track, Blow. A Halestorm esque tone with a hint of Metallica, Mike Biase’s strong vocals shine through immediately. A gruff sound to his voice digs deep into your soul, paring nicely with the heavy drumbeat. Adding a contrast to the chunky sound, Cecil Eugene brings in a melodic guitar solo, keeping the track interesting and the listeners on their toes.

Up next in the track list is Babydoll. Opening with a riff that screams Nuno Bettencourt, One in the Chamber change gears a bit for this one, adding a chorus with a slow groove that is oh so sexy. Biase’s vocals giving off tones of James Hetfield and Josh Todd, Babydoll has an early 90s metal sound with a mix of 2000’s rock, the band blending the two styles together perfectly. Distorted guitars squealing throughout the solo adding an extra fire to the song that did not disappoint. With a hint of Dirty Honey, One in the Chamber throw another curve ball for the next track, Crooked Girl. The band adding perfect harmonies and Biase once again showing off his vocal capabilities while utilizing his head chest. Adding a unique twist to a rock song, the band exclude a guitar solo from the song. Something normally unusual for rock n roll but is played well within this song.

Returning to their signature chugging guitar sounds, following Crooked Girl is Oysters and Champagne. The tone screaming classic One in the Chamber, the band deliver a heavy metal track that brings you back to the 1980s. As we make our way towards the end of the EP, the bands signwriting skills never waver. They keep you hooked from start to finish, no questioning that this band is a tight nit unit with a boat load of talent. Ending off with a heavily Metallica influenced sound, To The Gallows is haunting. Mixing melodic and heavy tones perfectly, this song is an ideal mash of heavy metal and hard rock. The slow but steady drumbeat is the necessary backbone of the song and Christian Dotto’s bass tone is drenched in low end to beef up the track perfectly. To The Gallows closes the EP wonderfully, while also leaving you wanting more from the band.

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