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Orcrypt: British Fantasy Black Metallers Release Video Dice & Damnation

Orcrypt: British Fantasy Black Metallers Release Video Dice & Damnation

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Five years since their last release, ORCRYPT return with a new line up and a new album. Continuing to work within the rules of their classic Black Metal sound, while allowing themselves to evolve, develop, and incorporate new (or old) influences... Balrog & Roll is a deep, dark and primal slab of furious riffs and dark fantasy.

The British Fantasy Black Metal trio released a new video for the song Dice & Damnation. They state about the song: "Peer into the 'Knightmare' imagination of The Masters of Fantasy Role-Playing Black Metal, as ORCRYPT unleash swords, sorcery and Satan in their music video debut."

Balrog & Rollis release via Death To Music Productions, both digitally and on limited CD. Get your copy here:


J.R.R. Martin - Vocals

Sammael - Guitars

Ugluk - Drums & Bass

Orcrypt formed in 2010. Inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings trilogy, and the early demos of the Norwegian Black Metal masters, they recorded and released their first demo The Mirkwood Massacre that same year. In 2015, Orcrypt unleashed their debut album. Influenced as much by Ralph Bakshi as J.R.R. Tolkien, and mastered to cassette, Mercenaries of Mordor was an unrelenting lo-fi assault of droning underground Black Metal. But then, they vanished... and resurrected.

ORCRYPT - Dice & Damnation


  1. Oubliette (INTRO)

  2. Beholder

  3. Vermintide

  4. Hexblade

  5. Flight of the Dracolich

  6. I, Mindflayer

  7. Welcome to Barovia

  8. Dice & Damnation

  9. Tomb of Horrors

  10. Greenskins of Greyhawk

Get your copy here:

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