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OSYRON's New Music Video "The Cross" Explores Canada's Dark Colonial History

OSYRON's New Music Video "The Cross" Explores Canada's Dark Colonial History

New Album “Foundations” Out Now!

L-R: Krzysztof Stalmach (Guitar) | Cody Anstey (Drums) | Bobby Harley (Guitar) | Reed (Vocals) | Tyler Corbett (Bass)

Photo Credit by Ara Shimoon

Calgary’s Osyron released their new album "Foundations" during July 2020. The record is an immersive exploration of Canadian history and identity, speaking on topics on the country's colonization to the mistreatment and recognition of Aboriginals to the country's participation in global warfare. Although it is not a conceptual release, it does bear a consistent theme across nearly the entirety of the record. For fans of Nightwish, Dream Theater, and Wintersun; Osyron is progressive, powerful metal with a knack for engaging storytelling.

Today, the band presents their new music video for "The Cross", it's a track that reflects on Canada's history of colonialism and extreme religious expansion in its early birth by the European superpowers of the 16th and 17th centuries. Large populations of both English and French settlers found themselves amongst a free run, "lawless society" of First Nation sub-groups, which gave way to a ruthless chess match of assimilation and warfare; while unfortunately bringing both together many times.

The band adds:

"This song looks back on how both religion and early extreme nationalism played a role in the branding of an ethnic group of people that were caught off guard by what was to come over the next four centuries."

Watch "The Cross" on YouTube HERE.

Osyron's new album "Foundations" is available on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer HERE.

Album CD and digital download via Bandcamp HERE.

Music Video - “Foundations” - YouTube

Music Video “Ignite” - YouTube

Music Video “The Ones Below” - YouTube

Track Listing:

1. The Cross (5:01)

2. Ignite (4:33)

3. Battle of The Thames (6:51)

4. The Ones Below (3:54)

5. Foundations (8:20)

Album Length: 28:41

Band Line Up:

Krzysztof Stalmach (Guitar)

Cody Anstey (Drums)

Bobby Harley (Guitar)

Reed (Vocals)

Tyler Corbett (Bass)

For more info:


Osyron is a symphonic metal band based in Calgary, Alberta. The group consists of vocalist Reed, guitarists Krzysztof Stalmach and Bobby Harley, bassist Tyler Corbett, and drummer Cody Anstey. Bridging the gap between traditional European metal and the music of their homegrown contemporaries, Osyron has a sound all their own.

The band's origins can be traced back to Ontario, where they began under the name Morbid Theory. After releasing two demos (Chaos Breed in 2006 and Harbinger in 2010), the band underwent some changes in membership, scenery, and identity. Moving to Alberta in 2012, the group, now rechristened Osyron, re-recorded Harbinger in Calgary, and released the album in 2013.

After releasing their sophomore album, "Kingsbane", in the fall of 2017, the momentum that followed was swift. "Kingsbane" caught the attention of the European metal community - proving a favourite of audiences, critics, and radio programmers.

In 2018, Osyron released a metal cover of the Canadian national anthem, which picked up speed across the country. This patriotic theme continues into the new album “Foundations” (2020). Stemming from a perspective of Canadian identity and culture - both past and present, the new album challenges the global perspective of the great white north by retelling historical moments in an immersive and melodic manner. Speaking on topics of Canada's colonization to the mistreatment and recognition of Aboriginals to the country's participation in global warfare.

Performing alongside numerous major acts such as Norther, Protest The Hero, Into Eternity, Threat Signal, and The Agonist, Osyron's next goal is to take their sound across the Atlantic in the flesh.

”Foundations” is due out July 10, 2020, and will be available on all major digital platforms.

What the press is saying:

"Everything about this band is top quality and one of the most proficient, mature, classy and yet still exciting new bands in this field." - Metal Rules

"Get close, get warm and listen to the tales told of Canada by Osyron. 8/10" - Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life

"a very solid entry into one of my favorite genres and I think it will fit right in many people’s playlists – and, more importantly, I think the playlist would be lacking without it. This one is worth picking up. I don’t think you will regret it at all." - Uber Rock

"From acoustic to symphonic, each song has plenty of twists and turns with potent vocals and compelling arrangements that showcase Osyron’s instrumental prowess." - Heavy Music Headquarters

"Foundationsis an impressive, very likeable album that will no doubt strongly appeal to a diverse range of metalheads, from fans of European power metal, to prog metallers, to fans of more modern metal. Given the strong quality of this EP, I very much look forward to their next full-length album, which could really establish Osyron as a new, fresh force in the international metal scene." - Metal Observer

"Foundationsputs the band front and center for another Canadian breakthrough to a worldwide audience. Osyron succeed in creating a musically catchy effort that also contains some interesting twists and killer interplay when necessary – and should be a band to keep tabs on." - Dead Rhetoric

"Seriously, it had been a long time since I had been blown away by a progressive metal release and this one does not disappoint. The production is on point and every song has its place on this EP to demonstrate what these guys are capable of. If you are looking for something different and fresh in a genre that has been known to stagnate, give this EP a nice long listen." - Metal Temple

"Foundations is genuinely unlike anything I’ve heard before and it’s had me going back for multiple listens precisely for this reason. The musicianship and songwriting are of high quality, but it’s the production that really sells it." - Moshville

"Osyron has definitely grown since I first got the chance to hear their music. They have matured in just about all factors that influence their music in any way: Skill, composition, production, anything you can think of. There really is no weakness to be found, they have delivered an awesome album with versatility and power as its greatest selling points. " - Dutch Metal Maniac

"I came for the promise of Symphonic prog Canadiana and stayed for the skillful melding of genres and a cohesive lyrical arc packed into fewer than thirty Heritage Minutes. " - Metal Bandcamp

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