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Out now! Decorpsetated "Human Words"




adjective: decorpsetated

(of a sentient being) to have had one’s corpse

violently and abruptly removed from their soul.

“this decorpsetated soul may never find its way

without a vessel”


Track by track, Human Words peals back the layers of human selfishness. With teeth gnashed and claws drawn, this vicious account of raw humanity will leave you questioning how we still exist, as well as whether we should… oh, and it rips pretty hard, if you’re into that sort of thing.

From the artist:

“As musicians we often end up with seemingly endless folders of unreleased music for one reason or another. You always tell yourself you’ll put together an album but you never do. So I started chipping away at a collection of my favourites with absolutely no vision of how it would turn out. 3 years later I’m sitting back in my studio listening to songs I thought were about greed, war, and extinction, only to be slammed with the reality that these were in fact metaphorical manifestations of my own emotional bullshit. In that moment I knew these stories had to be shared. What if someone else is facing similar struggles and trying to interpret them through a similar lens?”



All drum composition, performance, and pre-production by Blake Ryan Chadwick (aka theultim8apocalypse on socials), as well as Post FX for Taser Napkin

All songs, lyrics, and performances otherwise by Marc Schultz

All final production, mixing, and mastering by Marc Schultz @ ChaoticidalCreations

All album art and logos by Ulises Serrano @ sinonskintattoo

Presave link:

Connect with Decorpsetated:

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