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Out tomorrow: 'Consoled Forts' by Volcanic Brass feat. EvilA // funk/rap/hiphop

'Consoled Forts' by Volcanic Brass feat. EvilA, out Friday 16th October.

Volcanic Brass started life as a funk instrumental project when multi-instrumentalist Scott Laywood was taking a break from his other recording projects. During lockdown, Scott had re-discovered his trumpet playing skills, and decided that rather than playing golf on his week off from recording his EP he would stay in the studio and record some trumpet hooks. After a day of playing around and recording other elements such as guitars, percussion, vocal stings, drum loops, synth bass and samples, Scott suddenly found himself with a very exciting funk instrumental track that he called ‘The Floor Is Lava’

The more Scott listened to the instrumental, the more he thought it would suit a rapped vocal. And soon linked up with local rap collective Thoughtune. Scott reached out to Thoughtune, sending a link to the free download of ‘The Floor Is Lava’. David McFadden (AKA EvilA and founder of Thoughtune) was very excited and inspired by the instrumental. Within an hour, he sent his first verse idea to Scott, and the next day 'Consoled Forts' was complete!

The first verse of the track begins by setting the scene of two artists from ‘a town unknown’ working together on something new and exciting. The choruses and the track itself takes a lot of inspiration from video games. Scott had used a Super Mario sample in the instrumental which EvilA ran with, throwing as many Mario/gaming wordplays into the chorus as possible. ‘You ain’t on my level’, ‘Coming to your block’ (Mario the plumber coming to fix your blockage!), ‘there isn’t mushroom to be bigger than you are’, we won’t give you all of the answers but there are plenty more in there!

In post-production Scott added some subtle ‘bit crusher’ distortion to EvilA’s vocals to give it that video game sound. It is there throughout all the choruses, but probably stands out the most right at the end of the track when the other instruments drop away.

Around the time of re-learning to play the trumpet, Scott was listening to a lot of recent funk records, predominantly by Fearless Flyers but also bands such as Fat Night, Busty and the Bass and Scary Pockets. Scott also grew up listening to rap music by Jurassic 5, Cypress Hill, Dr Dre, Eminem, and Gorillaz with his older brother. Scott’s brother became almost a consultant throughout the process of 'Consoled Forts', being sent early versions of the record, more through excitement than for opinion! They were both in agreement that the Jurassic 5 style vocal would really work with the instrumental and that is exactly what Scott heard from EvilA’s existing work before reaching out to him.

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