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Performing art-rock band Danny D.Weirdo releases video for the single "Romantik"

Performing art-rock band Danny D.Weirdo releases video for the single "Romantik"

"Romantik" is the second single from Danny D.Weirdo's EP "Cujo", continuing the themes of indignation, violence and isolation approached in "Garcia", but from a less poetic and more abstract perspective, using the linguistic resources already researched by Danny in other songs. Its structure continues as a monologue or speech given by the persona, starting from melodic, rhythmic and lyrical memories, with a Brazilian timbre, waltz, noise and violence. The single, as well as much of the group's material, was recorded and produced in a home studio by Danny, this time during quarantine.

Danny D. Weirdo is a performing art-rock (or rock n roll anti-hero) band with influences ranging from Queens of the Stone Age, Girl Band, Swans, Interpol and Radiohead, Talking Heads, The Residents, among others . Formed in 2018 as a solo project based on academic research "Performativity in the process of creating hybrid arts", the group now has 4 members who use personas in costumes and masks to generate a scenic experience that accompanies their experimental musicality and without rules, and at the same time it seeks subversion, it also wants to bring the experimental to the most popular audience, as a door to “strange” music. Nominated for the Dynamite 2021 Independent Music Award in the Best Rock Release category with the album "A Noite de Todos os Santos".

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