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PLASTIC FRIENDS Release New EP, 'The Lookout'

Debut Single, "White Mirror," Premiered on mxdwn

September 10, 2019 - Alternative Rock Band PLASTIC FRIENDS has released its sophomore album, The Lookout EP. The debut single , "White Mirror," premiered on mxdwn and featured on Lightning 100, Nashville's independent radio station.

“We decided to narrow down our new songs and release an EP,” said Will Perkins, front-man of the group, adding that while there are still elements of their first album, “Information,” they feel like this recording “also takes our sound in a direction that tries to better capture our live performance.”

When asked what inspired the name of their new release, Perkins said that this is “a dark time for truth and integrity in our society.”

“I think it's more important than ever that we have watchdogs to hold those in power accountable for their actions,” he said. “As corruption runs rampant, we need a lookout to help hold up the lowest levels of our society, which are the ones who are suffering the most.”

The lead singer also noted that “if you couldn't care less about our future as a human race, I guess you could still appreciate our music.”

“Just go about your day and stare at a mirror instead of a microscope,” Perkins said. “Listen to what you are told and don't question anything.

“But I encourage you to think for yourself and love thy neighbor.”

Track List: 1. Mask 2. More 3. White Mirror 4. American Drive-By 5. Cutout 6. Bonnie + Clyde 7. From Here

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