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POWERWOLF - Live Event extended until January 2, 2022


Video “Fire And Forgive” released | Watch HERE

Streaming event extended until January 2, 2022!

[The Monumental Mass – A Cinematic Metal Event - Photo Credit: Christian Ripkens]

Last Friday, POWERWOLF launched a stream with real event character that reaches dimensions that have never been seen before. While other bands compensate the circumstance of not being able to perform in front of an audience within the given circumstances with filmed live performances, the wolves take several gigantic steps further!

The band is taking their fans on a journey into the depths of POWERWOLF's world with a fantastic setlist performed in a stage setting that is an epic highlight on its own with its visuals, size, equipment and production. In months of hard and detailed work, a story was created – told in several chapters based on POWERWOLF’s music and opulent film scenes, which are smoothly integrated into the show. All show effects, actors and locations go hand in hand with each other and bring the medium of live music to an unprecedented level. From battles with clergy to stories of nuns and monks to burning angels – cinematic images are delivered that immediately capture the viewer while literally abducting them.

Who thought to have already seen everything in live music is loudly and visually proved wrong. POWERWOLF deliver the new benchmark for music streaming events!

Due to the high demand this even goes into extension. Until January 2, 2022, you can still access this masterpiece, and who wants to get an idea in advance, can watch the video for “Fire And Forgive” HERE:

On you can find all further info, the trailers, as well as tickets for THE MONUMENTAL MASS - A CINEMATC METAL EVENT. This show is a true must-see for every metal fan!

HERE you can find pictures of THE MONUMENTAL MASS – A CINEMATIC EVENT for download:


Attila Dorn – vocals

Falk Maria Schlegel – organ

Charles Greywolf – guitar

Matthew Greywolf – guitar

Roel van Helden – drums

More info:

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