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POWERWOLF release Blessed & Possessed Lyric Video!New album, “Best Of The Blessed“, out now

POWERWOLF release "Blessed & Possessed" Lyric Video!

New album, Best Of The Blessed, out now on Napalm Records!

[photo credit © Tim Tronckoe]

While storming the official German album charts with a Best Of album at a phenomenal position of #2, POWERWOLF prove, metal is alive, healthy and they are the leaders of the one and only metal mass. Their new album, Best Of The Blessed, shows no sign of slowing down: POWERWOLF truly deserve the title for one of the most successful metal bands of modern times, while Best Of The Blessed is showcasing an impressive career of more than 15 years being the high priests of heavy metal in glorious style! With their 2015-album, Blessed & Possessed, POWERWOLF achieved Gold status for the first time and stayed at the Top of the charts for more than nine weeks, followed by several number #1 records. Celebrating its 5th album anniversary this year, the band has just premiered a brand new lyric video to their sing-along classic and album title track!

Become "Blessed & Possessed", and watch the new POWERWOLF clip right HERE:

On their new album, Best Of The Blessed, POWERWOLF deliver more than just another Best Of collection. Released on July 3rd, 2020, via Napalm Records, the album is featuring 16 metal anthems and timeless classics by the band, while several tracks are shrouded in a brand new shape. Crushing, new versions of hits such as “We Drink Your Blood”, “Kiss of the Cobra King” or the ultimate festival hymn, “Resurrection by Erection”, turn this very special album into a soundtrack to explore POWERWOLF as fans have never heard them before! But, also POWERWOLF's captivating live performances are highlighted on Best Of The Blessed: this must-have magnum opus will include 14 Live tracks; the LP Box Edition and Earbook will even get you more of the band's incredible live sound.

Purchase your album copy at THIS LOCATION:

Best Of The Blessed will be available in the following formats:

- CD Digipak

- Earbook

- LP Box Edition

- Digital formats Best Of The Blessed Tracklisting:

1. We Drink Your Blood (New Version)

2. Army of the Night

3. Demons Are a Girl‘s Best Friend

4. Werewolves of Armenia (New Version)

5. Saturday Satan (New Version)

6. Amen & Attack

7. Where The Wild Wolves Have Gone

8. Resurrection by Erection (New Version)

9. Sanctified with Dynamite (New Version)

10. Kreuzfeuer

11. Armata Strigoi

12. Kiss of the Cobra King (New Version)

13. Killers with the Cross

14. Sacred & Wild

15. In Blood We Trust (New Version)

16. Let There Be Night CD 2 - The Live Sacrament (Wolfsnächte 2018):

1. Fire & Forgive

2. Incense & Iron

3. Amen & Attack

4. Demons Are a Girls Best Friend

5. Killers With The Cross

6. Armata Strigoi

7. Blessed & Possessed

8. Where The Wild Wolves Have Gone

9. Resurrection by Erection

10. Stossgebet

11. All We Need is Blood

12. We Drink Your Blood

13. Werewolves of Armenia

14. Lupus dei Earbook & LP Box (The Live Bonus Sacrament):

1. Sanctified with Dynamite

2. Army Of The Night

3. Coleus Sanctus

4. Let There Be Night The story of POWERWOLF, beginning in 2004, reads like a true fairytale, but is the result of one of the most hard-working and entertaining live bands on the heavy metal planet. POWERWOLF has not only received plenty of Gold and Platinum awards to date, numerous releases have entered the official album charts at the pole position #1. With Blessed & Possessed (2015), POWERWOLF achieved Gold status for the first time, while the predecessor, Preachers Of The Night (2013) – as well as the incredible DVD, The Metal Mass (2016) – hit the official German album charts at #1. POWERWOLF's holy mass in the name of heavy metal is unstoppable, their latest magnum opus, The Sacrament of Sin (2018), again entered the album charts at #1. The accompanying Wolfsnächte tour, in which POWERWOLF headlined large venues with their phenomenal stage performances, became a single major triumph - as well as the numerous summer festival shows in which the crowds were thrilled and completely captivated by the ‘wolf and their unique, (un)holy metal mass!

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