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Pray For Sleep Unveils New Single "SHADE

Pray For Sleep, the Columbus-based band known for their powerful sound and unwavering dedication to mental health awareness, is set to release their latest single, "SHADE," on July 14th, 2023. This brand new track promises to deliver a powerful musical experience to their growing fan base.

Founded in 2017 by Reno Houston (drummer), Grant Decrane (vocals), and Hayden Kissler (guitar), Pray For Sleep quickly made a name for themselves. The band actually played Rock on the Range 2018 instead of attending their High School graduation. Their self-titled EP in 2017 and the critically acclaimed "Behind Our Eyes" LP in 2020 served as a testament to their raw talent and established them as one of the most promising emerging rock bands in the music industry.

"SHADE" showcases Pray For Sleep's evolution and growth as artists, pushing the boundaries of their musical prowess. Early influences like hometown heroes, Beartooth, can still be heard in the mix, but their sound has grown along with them. The single encapsulates the band's unique sound and resonates deeply with listeners. The accompanying music video - - brings the song to life in a visually stunning performance.

Building on their previous success, Pray For Sleep has dedicated themselves to spreading awareness about mental health issues. Through their own Scream Back Campaign, they have engaged with local Ohio high schools, delivering unforgettable performances and initiating crucial conversations about mental well-being. The band plans to spread the program to other areas so kids everywhere can benefit from the unique, creative approach to mental health.

Despite the challenges faced by artists during the pandemic, Pray For Sleep remained undeterred. Utilizing this time to their advantage, the band collaborated with industry veterans Bob Marlette (Seether, Alice Cooper, Shinedown, Ozzy Osbourne) and Ryan Williams (New Monarch, Red Sun Rising) to bring their creative vision to fruition. The addition of bass player Stefan Orozco further solidified the band's lineup, following their noteworthy performance at Inkarceration 2022.

The release of "SHADE" marks the next step in Pray For Sleep’s upward trajectory in the music industry. "SHADE" will be available on all major streaming platforms starting July 13th, 2023.

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