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Prog Duo JUPITER HOLLOW New Music Video "The Mill'; New Album "Bereavement" Out Now!

Prog Duo JUPITER HOLLOW New Music Video "The Mill'

New Album "Bereavement" Out Now!

L-R: Grant MacKenzie (Guitar, Bass, Synth) | Kenny Parry (Vocals, Drums, Piano, Synth)

Photo Credit – Sandra Beatty Progressive prodigy duo Jupiter Hollow are sharing with fans their latest music video for their track "The Mill" in support of their recently released album "Bereavement" to follow their two highly praised recordings “AHDOMN” (2018) and “Odyssey” (2016).  Watch the video at the following links: YouTube

Facebook “The music video for The Mill is a fleeting summary of the entire album’s concept. Showcasing the 2 main characters among the hundreds of others subtly embodied by Kenny throughout the live shows and various media appearances.”  adds JH's Grant MacKenzie (Guitar, Bass, Synth). "Bereavement" is the continuation of the storyline from both previous releases. The band further explains: "A man with unimaginable global power sends important members of his family and society away to a habitable world outside of our solar system in order to salvage humanity. As capable as this man is of salvaging humanity’s dying society on Earth, he finds more solace in the greed and power he has inherited. Victim of his lifelong internal battle with mental instability, he leaves humanity to extinction on Earth. Struggling with this outcome, he sends himself and his ship aimlessly into space, attempts suicide, and crashes on a planet in another solar system. Upon awakening, he realizes where he is, and that he will soon meet the remaining faces that have abandoned him, just as he abandoned them, and they’re hungry."

The duo of Grant MacKenzie (Guitar, Bass, Synth) and Kenny Parry (Vocals, Drums, Piano, Synth) that form Jupiter Hollow are here to create an artistic experience unlike anything else in the industry. Inspired from the art of storytelling and adventure, they intend on taking you through an in-depth journey through their discography and encourage listeners to join them for every step along the way. Get ready as Jupiter Hollow will take you on a musical tour, from the studio to the stage, and every place in between. They are your tour guides. You may begin the experience with Jupiter Hollow at the following link: Fans can use this promo code JH.LiveStream at their "virtual merch booth" for 15% off any of their merch during the live stream tour. They have a couple of t-shirt designs, a few hats left, a handful of AHDOMN CDs along with new Bereavement CDs. Shop here: Viewing for their upcoming live streams on their Facebook page and at the following dates:

6.23.2020 (8:00 pm - EST)

6.24.2020 (8:00 pm - EST)

6.25.2020 (8:00 pm - EST)

6.29.2020 (8:00 pm - EST)

6.30.2020 (8:00 pm - EST)

7.1.2020 (6:00 pm - EST)*

7.2.2020 (8:00 pm - EST)

* (Show on Canada Day will only be 50-60 mins)

Track Listing:

1. L’Eau du Papineau (3:58)

2. Scarden Valley (5:12)

3. The Rosedale (6:26)

4. Kipling Forest (6:06)

5. The Mill (3:59)

6. Mandating our Perception (2:29)

7. Sawbreaker (8:56)

8. Extensive Knowledge (5:41)

9. Solar Gift (12:37)

Album Length: 55:25 Jupiter Hollow is:

Grant MacKenzie (guitar, bass, synth)

Kenny Parry (vocals, drums, synth, piano) For more info:

We are Jupiter Hollow. Some people consider us to be alternative metal, some people consider us to be progressive rock, and some people just like what they hear. We don’t believe in genre; we believe genre is an excuse to pigeonhole our sound. For us, we prefer to keep our options open.

When you hear Jupiter Hollow you may feel an overwhelming sense of space, arrangement and instrumentation. However, behind the music there are just 2 humans: Kenny Parry and Grant MacKenzie. We met on Earth in the year of 2015 at a musical gathering, where the universe inevitably conceived Jupiter Hollow. Since then, we’ve expressed part one of a conceptual endeavor called “AHDOMN”. This story is to be continued with the release of our new record “Bereavement” on June 12, 2020.

As for what Jupiter Hollow sounds like, that's for you to determine. We don't care what we sound like, since we don't have control over our destiny. Our path is written, but we must walk it. Therefore, the music has already been created in the future, and we are messengers of the present.

We are from Earth, from your future. Moving forward through time is to move forward through space. We are evolutionary descendants of our past, we evolve from our actions. Jupiter Hollow is here to share the missing link of your human existence.

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