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Prophecy Productions enter 25th anniversary year

PROPHECY PRODUCTIONS enter 25th Anniversary Year

PROPHECY PRODUCTIONS were originally founded by their continuous owner Martin Koller in the region of the Eifel mountains and the river Moselle in the western part of Germany in 1996, before evolving into an international label with a strong and individual profile. Therefore, this house for dark stirring music with an artistic twist will be celebrating its 25th anniversary this year.

PROPHECY PRODUCTIONS will be looking back at its history, evolution, and roster during the coming days, weeks, and months, and at the same time the label will announce exciting new signings, news about this year's edition of PROPHECY FEST, updated membership options for the Prophecy Club, and important upgrades for its sister labels LUPUS LOUNGE and AUERBACH TONTRÄGER.

As a first teaser offering a glimpse at the amazing things to come, PROPHECY PRODUCTIONS are proud to reveal that they have teamed up with legendary French prog-rockers MAGMA for a future collaboration – with more details to be revealed in due time.

"25 years of Prophecy Productions are no small achievement", comments founder Martin Koller. "While our original aim was just to publish Empyrium's debut album, we have continuously grown and evolved while staying true to our vision of offering a dedicated home for dark stirring music and groundbreaking artists with long-term collaborations creating a business that feels very much like a family. Over more than two decades, we have done our best to adapt to and stay ahead of the changes that have rocked the music industry. As opposed to received wisdom, we have successfully maintained a strong focus on high end, artistic physical products. This does not mean that our label is old-fashioned. By contrast, Prophecy Productions relocated from its physical German base to the digital cloud several years ago, which means that we are also well-positioned to deal with the fallout of the current global pandemic crisis affecting the music scene. In the name of Prophecy Productions, I therefore thank all the artists, members of staff, business partners, and last but never least our loyal customers, fans, and supporters past and present from the bottom of my heart! Up to the next 25 years!"


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