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PSILOCYBE LARVAE - Where Silence Dwells - (Doom/Death/Dark/Progressive Metal)

PSILOCYBE LARVAE - 'Where Silence Dwells' (Doom/Death/Dark/Progressive Metal)

Release Date: December 10, 2021

Location: St. Petersburg, Russian Federation

PSILOCYBE LARVAE is a four-piece band formed in 1996, Vyborg (now based in St. Petersburg) playing melodic and haunting doom/death/dark/progressive metal. The band recorded four full-length albums and took part in different compilations and tributes. PL toured in Germany, Finland, Czech Rep., Slovakia, Poland, Baltic States, Russia, Belarus and Ukraine (the band shared the stage with Anathema, My Dying Bride, Septicflesh, Sadist, Sinister, Swallow The Sun and others). After 9 years of silence, Russian metallers are back with a new dark and atmospheric masterpiece ‘ Where Silence Dwells ’.

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Vit "Larv" Belobritsky - Vocal, Guitar

Alex "Liga" Legotin - Bass

Anton Veresov - Guitar

Alexander Yakovlev - Drums

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